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6-Aug-2009, 21:46
So has anyone ever build or heard of anyone has has build a type 600 back for a 4x5? I've been thinking of tearing apart a One Step I got from a thrift store for $3 and attempting to adapt it to a spare speed graphic/135 f/4.7 that has no back. Anyone ever heard of such a beast?

7-Aug-2009, 06:56
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7-Aug-2009, 07:32
What will you use for "Polaroid" film?

It might be better to put a Graphic Graflock back on the Speed and get a Polaroid 405 or 550 back for Fuji instant products. I saw a complete back listed for $25 on the internet.

7-Aug-2009, 12:37
Thats what I am using is a 405 back to use up my remaing stock of 669 (still have a case in the fridge). But 600 pack film was different (with batteries, like the spectra), which are you refering too Mcqueen? The standard pack film, or the powered variety consumer grade 600? As I am not aware of a powered back that would fit on a view camera for the latter type of film.

7-Aug-2009, 17:57
I'm referring to using the cheaper 600 consumer grade stuff and my plans are to fabricate a back. I also don't have a spare Graflock for the camera, which is why I decided to get creative with it in the first place. Basically, it's a toy and I don't want to pay for 66x or 55 films. I'll just pick up some of the cheaper and much more readily available 600 equivalent Fuji film. I plan to tear apart a Polaroid One Step for parts to make the back with. The Battery won't be utilized.

7-Aug-2009, 18:10
I'm not aware of a Fuji equivalent to the square 600 film which fits in a polaroid one step. The fp100 series of fuji film won't fit.

Tracy Storer
8-Aug-2009, 09:01
You can "hack" a 600 camera to make a back for a 4x5, but note that the images will be backwards. With "integral" films like 600, you're looking at the emulsion side, that's why those cameras expose the film through a front-surface mirror.

8-Aug-2009, 11:19
See this is why I asked first. I'm far from an expert on consumer Polaroid. I think I'll just make a adapter for my Mamiya Press backs. Thanks for all the advice!

8-Aug-2009, 12:58
I have this graflock back that uses the 600 series pack film. It was meant to use the cheaper 600 series pack film on 45, or anything with a graflock back that is. If this is what you are looking for, drop me a line.