View Full Version : Tiny Copal 3 Retaining ring

6-Aug-2009, 21:15
I look around for a Retainer ring for a Copal 3 instead of a Mounting Flange. I wish to use a lens board adapter and the large flange is too large.
Can I found one on the market or need to be a custom made?

Per Madsen
7-Aug-2009, 09:37
You could try S.K.Grimes:


They have both flanges and retaining rings.

Bob Salomon
7-Aug-2009, 11:26
If you mean that you need a jam nut for a Copal 3 you could order it from any Rodenstock lens dealer. That is what Rodenstock supplies to mount the Copal 3 shutters that they sell. The mounting flange is an optional accessory. The jam nut for the Copal 3 also includes a stand-off ring that goes over the threads before the jam nut is tightened.

7-Aug-2009, 19:04
Thanks Mr Salomon, I will look through Rodenstock dealers in Canada.
If someone have one not in use, just PM me.