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Doug Howk
6-Aug-2009, 13:46
Does anyone know if LensN2Shutter (http://www.lensn2shutter.com/) is still in business? I understand they were flooded earlier this Spring. No email response.

David A. Goldfarb
6-Aug-2009, 14:25
While they were flooded a couple of years ago now, they had my Busch Vademecum set II. He said no lenses or shutters were damaged, but the shop was shut down while waiting for electricity to return. Since my adapter rings were almost done, he finished the job on the lathe, turning the wheel by hand, and I gather he was back up to speed in about two weeks from the start of the flooding.

Maybe he's just on vacation.

Dr Klaus Schmitt
8-Aug-2009, 07:14
There was flooding this year but he has recovered from that. Spoke some weeks ago with Tim, he works on a project or for a business but still has his business running.