View Full Version : Does the neg size matter for lith printing?

6-Aug-2009, 13:40

As far as i know the lith printing gives huge grain. In this case will the bigger negative give benefits? Will it be any different in lith print from 35mm, MF or LF 4x5?


bob carnie
6-Aug-2009, 14:17
Any size neg will do , you are to expect larger grain from 35mm, but for a lot of photographers this is the key and what they want.
The use of a secondary flash will cream out the graininess so some degree.
A very contrasty negative is best for lith, with lots of shadow detail.

6-Aug-2009, 15:05
MF & LF negs are great for Lith. You get all the great colours and tones, contrast and unique feel with a lot less grain. Makes for a very nice look IMO

7-Aug-2009, 11:46
I lith print Minox and 8x10. Both can be fantastic. Here is a Minox example.
Paper size makes a difference. I Lith the Minox to 4x5 paper. This makes the grain of the paper is almost as prominent as that of the negative.

7-Aug-2009, 15:53
I lith print every size neg from 35mm to 8x10. There's a definite difference in graininess, though I don't know that it's enough to really worry about. Here's a lith of an 8x10 contact print (the Bodie shot) and one of a 35mm neg.

7-Aug-2009, 15:54
Forgot to mention these are both on Fotospeed Lith paper with LD20, 25:25:1000 with 40ml of old brown.

7-Aug-2009, 16:16
2 x MF negs and 1 x 4x5. These will all be on Fomatone paper with Moersch EasyLith. No graininess in any of those...

7-Aug-2009, 22:14
Thanks to everyone!