View Full Version : Which grease should I use to lubricate my Linhof Technica 4

Otto Muskee
1-Oct-2001, 15:33
HI there,

I just bought a Linhof Technica but the lubrification is bad. I am looking for t he best specs for a grease that I can use. I prefer something similar or identic al to the original grease used by Linhof. Can anyone help me to get those specif ications? (I think its a graphite containing thick grease)

Thanks guys!

Kind regards, Otto Muskee The Netherlands

Bob Salomon
1-Oct-2001, 16:04
None unless you contact the factory in Munich first or any professional repair man for advise. You don't want to use the wrong product.

Jeff Buckels
1-Oct-2001, 16:15
Remoil is a favorite for cameras and shutters. Very very light viscosity. Remington makes it for lubricating firearms. Available at Walmart. Very little dabs will do. -jeff buckels

Richard Boulware
1-Oct-2001, 16:35
For the bed, use Vaseline on a Q-tip...or a cotton 'pipe cleaner' Got that tip from a Linhof factory repair man, and friend. Oh, and yes, use the ordorless type. Works like a champ on mine, and others I have owned for many years.

1-Oct-2001, 17:51
I use vasoline on the tracks and model railroad lubricant found at a serious train store for the hard to get places...the bottle has a needle point distribution system for tiny drops.You might want to contact the people at camera repair at bald mountain in calif. Great people there.... knows EVERYTHING about camera fixing ....will make extinct parts too and a great photographer as well!He has gotten me out of a lot of jams with cameras ...will advise, no problemo! Good luck.

Bob Salomon
1-Oct-2001, 19:12
IsWalmart in the Netherlands?

is Vasoline sold there?

Contact Linhof in Munich.

John Lehman
1-Oct-2001, 22:40
Vaseline is available at Boots (and probably most other pharmacies) outside the US, Bob ;-)

Bob Salomon
2-Oct-2001, 05:46
Didn't know Boots was in the Netherlands, thought they were in the UK

John Lehman
2-Oct-2001, 14:11
They seem to have expanded all over Europe and Asia -- they even have branches in Taipei

Greg Pratt
3-Oct-2001, 11:41
Otherwise known as petrolium jelly on the English side of the world. Also used to lube certain dust prone pulley parts on crop dusters. Unlike a lot of petrolium based lubricants does not cause corrosion. More uses than you can poke a stick at, ah hum. -- Greg