View Full Version : Protarlinse focal length

6-Aug-2009, 10:48
I recently got a protarlinse in compound shutter. The lens has sequential serial number with F=250mm of each group. I did not find data on Zeiss lens brochure. Would appreciate anyone can help me to identify the combination focal length?

Jon Wilson
6-Aug-2009, 20:20
this thread might help.

8-Aug-2009, 08:09
I checked many sources and zeiss brochures, but did not found any information of F=250mm protarlinse. I don't know why? Anybody can help to explain? And there is no information about the combination focal length. Please help.

8-Aug-2009, 09:23
The F could stand for focal lengh: just put the lens on the camera, focus at infinity and measure the distance between the GG and the aperture.
This should give you a rough indication of the focal lengh.
Some mm diference will not make that much diference in what angle you of view you will get and in that way you know a bit what you can do with the lens.


Bernard Kaye
9-Aug-2009, 17:54
Do they say which Protarlinse:
e.g.: VII or IV or other? They often do but not always.