View Full Version : older arca swiss 5x7?

Ron Barter
30-Sep-2001, 22:10
Can anyone tell me if Arca Swiss made a 5x7 version of their older axis, base and DP cameras? I have an old 4x5 A , which I am quite happy with, and I was hoping I might be able to get a 5x7 bellows and rear standard to "convert" it to a 5x7 (and ideally, a 4x5 back so I could switch formats without changing bellows). I've seen an older style 8x10, but can find no trace of a 5x7. Has anyone ever seen, or better yet, actually used one of these? Thanks in advance,

Ellis Vener
1-Oct-2001, 12:11
Since 5x7 is more popular in Europe than the USA I'd be surprised if they didn't . Arca-Swiss' e-mail address is: arca-swiss@swissonline.ch