View Full Version : Biogon 53mm image circle

Ashraf Nassef
30-Sep-2001, 20:19
I need to know the image circle of the Biogon 53mm F. 4,5 How would it compare to more modern designs, any other information about this lens is appreciated.

Jeff Scott
30-Sep-2001, 22:00
From info that I have the image circle of the 53/4.5 Biogon is 115 mm diameter. It would work with medium format but not 4x5. The filter size is 67mm.

Bob Salomon
1-Oct-2001, 10:39
115mm far from what is needed for 4x5.

The 55mm Apo Grandagon 4.5 covers 163mm as a comparison

Ashraf Nassef
1-Oct-2001, 18:36
Thanks Jeffrey, Thanks Bob.