View Full Version : Rauber & Wollensak 'Solograph'?

Scott --
5-Aug-2009, 13:50
Hi, all -

I received a lens yesterday that I'm finding next to no info on: The lens itself is unmarked; the shutter is a Rauber & Wollensak double-pump pneumatic, labeled "Solograph".


I posted a shot earlier (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showpost.php?p=493915&postcount=11)from it at f/8, which is just about wide open; I measure the focal length to be right at about 6-1/2".

Now, in the package was also an element marked "5x7 SYMMETRICAL", which, coincidentally, threads perfectly into the front of the shutter in place of the unmarked element. Using it, the focal length is about 8", and gave this at f/11 (ignore the juice bag, please - stinkin' foil packet...:rolleyes:):

I can't tell which element is s'posed to be on this, or if it's a set, or what. :confused:

Anyone have any information on this thing? I've found that it dates to 1900, but that's about it - don't know what design it is, or anything else, really.


5-Aug-2009, 16:24
You have a shutter/lens from a Solograph camera. The lens is a rapid rectilinear design ("symmetrical" ) and the Rauber/Wollensak double valve pneumatic shutter (as they called it ) would date to the 1898-1902ish time frame.


Ernest Purdum
6-Aug-2009, 09:54
As you have discovered, R.R. lens cells can be mixed and matched like those of a convertible anastigmat. Your lens at 6 1/2" surely came on a 4X5 camera. A previous owner probably picked up the 5X7 cell to give himself a slightly longer focal length.