View Full Version : Anyone use PMK negs with VC cold light?

Dave French
5-Aug-2009, 11:45
I've looked around for a discussion on this topic and haven't found an answer.

I've never used a PMK-type developer, though I'm considering it. I just wonder if I'd have a problem trying to print a stained negative using my VC cold light and VC paper. Anyone have experience along those lines?

Dave French

Mark Sampson
5-Aug-2009, 12:08
I've been doing that since about 1993. It's just that the blue color of the cold light increases print contrast some, so that a #1 filter becomes my normal starting point. There is some uneven grade spacing with higher contrast filters, but I can think of only one image in all that time where I couldn't get the desired contrast. (I've recently switched to using a Super-Chromega color head, but that was only because I got it for $20.00.) You'll have to fine-tune your printing method, but that's just a practice issue. I'd buy a copy of Gordon Hutchings' "Book of Pyro", and use the liquid concentrate PMK from Photographer's Formulary. Have fun!

Drew Wiley
5-Aug-2009, 13:07
I use a big blue-green Aristo cold light for 8X10, and routinely develop with PMK.
Works superbly, and also excellent for split printing through green or blue filters.
But my smaller negatives are printed with a Chromega colorhead using Y or M filtration
for variable contrast. I'm so used to this I don't even think about it. The result is essentially identical on the same type of paper from either light source. I too recommend that you start with Gordon Hutchings book.

5-Aug-2009, 17:38
I don't use a cold light but a Chromega head as Drew does. No problems related to the light source. Sorry, can't speak of the cold light.

Dave French
6-Aug-2009, 10:15
Thanks, fellers. Good to know that my vc coldlight should do OK.

(Vinny, I browsed through your pictures --- nice work!)