View Full Version : Is There a Converter For Using Toyo (Field camera) Lens Boards on a Speed/Crown Graphic?

S Ratzlaff
8-Nov-2001, 08:12
Is there a converter for using Toyo (field camera) lens boards on a Speed/Crown Graphic?

I don't have a Speed/Crown Graphic but am looking seriously into purchasing one. I've been to http://www.graflex.org/ and have begun reading the volumes of data there.

I'd like to know if this is possible.

As a side note, has anyone used the Walker Titan? And is there an adapter which allows one to use the Toyo (field) lens boards on it as well?

8-Nov-2001, 08:17
Howdy guy, With lens boards on the used market for about the $25 usd range, is it an added problem that you want to be concerned with? Just a thought...

S Ratzlaff
8-Nov-2001, 09:08
It's not the availablity of the boards.

I also have a Toyo studio camera, and want to use the same lenses on the Speed/Crown Graphic. I don't want to unmount and remount lenses.

Toyo has a lens board adapter which allows one to use the field size boards (110mm) on their studio camera sized lens boards.

I'm asking to see if Toyo field size lens boards (110mm) will fit on Speed/Crown Graphic cameras via some kind of adapter.

David E. Rose
8-Nov-2001, 10:24
I have the same issue with a Wista field camera and a Sinar F-1. The difference is that the Sinar board is much larger than the Wista so adaptors are commonly available. Your problem is that the Graphic boards are almost the same size as the Toyo. My best guess is that they would not be available as a factory item, but Steve Grimes could probably make something.

S Ratzlaff
8-Nov-2001, 10:45
Yeah, I suspected it'd be some type of custom job. I was just hoping that someone, somewhere, had already done this and a commercially made adapter was already available.

I've read on the Walker site that he makes adapters for his cameras, but no mention of Toyo to Walker adapter.

I'm really intrigued by the Speed/Crown Graphics, don't really need a lot of movements outside the sudio so have been looking as a possible cheaper solution in lieu of a Toyo 45II or 45AX. With the 45II or 45AX, I can mount my lenses in the smaller field boards, then use the Toyo lens board adapter to use these on my studio camera which uses the larger Toyo boards.

I just don't like mounting and unmounting lenses all that much and thought a quick, easy solution might already exist.

Peter Latner
8-Nov-2001, 11:08
Graphic boards (the type used for later Crown/Speed models and the Super Graphics) are 95mm, i.e., smaller than your Toyo Field boards. It seems, then, that you'd need a reducing adapter, which doesn't sound feasible. One possibility is to mount the lenses on Graphic boards, and try to adapt those for use on your studio camera. Check the B&H or Calumet website to see if there's a Toyo adapter for Graphic boards.

Jeffrey Goggin
8-Nov-2001, 15:25
Per an older Toyo catalog I have, the part number for the adapter you are looking for (Graflex boards on a Toyo Field 45A) is 1630 AF4F. I don't know if this part is still available new but there are probably a few used ones floating around here and there...

Jeffrey Goggin
8-Nov-2001, 15:28
Oops ... the part no. of the Graflex to Toyo Studio camera adapter is 1050 AFVM. I likewise have no idea whether these are still available new or only on the second-hand market.

tim atherton
8-Nov-2001, 15:36
The Toyo Field boards are LARGER than the crown/super graphic boards.

There is a very nicely made graphic/toyo field adapter made by Toyo. I think it is still made, but is excessively expensive new, and I think are special order from most places. I got a new one (obviously too long in stock) from Midwest Photo.

So I can use lenses on my Super Graphic, I just keep them all on (nice, very small) Graphic Boards and use the adapter for the Toyo when i use it.

I can check the number on the box when I get home. I think I also have a link to the Toyo japan site that shows it somewhere.

I also have a brand new Linhof to Toyo adapter too if anyone is interested....

Tim A

S Ratzlaff
8-Nov-2001, 21:41
Looks like I'll need this item as stated above.

Graphic-to-Toyo Studio (158mm) lens board adapter.

(Toyo No. 1050 AFVM)

Also found a couple of neat items on the Toyo site. Toyo No.'s 12045 and 12046, these are cable "Release adapters" for recessed lens boards. Look really neat. They're designed for Copal #0 and #1 shutters.

Thanks All!

Chad Jarvis
9-Nov-2001, 07:19
One of the coolest devices ever invented was the variable aperture shutter mounting ring. The problem with them is weight and expense. It would be nifty if, say, Walker could devise something from ABS or a composite material to allow for a "quick change". Perhaps it's just too niche of a market.