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Clark King
30-Sep-2001, 16:07
I have a roll film back for my horseman 450, but have never used it. I have som e 120 and I am wondering exactly how I load it. It appears that the film wraps around the front, (lens side) and then the spools are on the other side. Is tha t right? It seems like that would expose some film in the process of loading it into the magazine, and then putting that into the back, and then finaly closing and locking the back. Also does this need to be loaded in the dark?

Any help would be appreciated!

Clark King

ed kang
30-Sep-2001, 17:42
Assuming you have a cartridge style film holder.

0. Remove cartridge from film holder case. 1. Take roll of film. 2. Place the roll into the appropriate stop on the holder. 3. Wrap film around (emulsion side out toward lens) and tuck end into takeup spool. 4. Wind the film holder a little bit to take up slack. 5. Place the cartridge back in the film holder. 6. Click the film counter up one notch. 7. Wind until the counter reaches 1 and stops winding.

Start shooting.

If you do this right, you shouldn't expose any film.

Clark King
30-Sep-2001, 18:31
Thank you very much!


Ken Burns
30-Sep-2001, 19:03

I'm not familiar with this particular roll film back, but have used others. Somewhere inside the back alongside the film path, there will be a reference mark. It might be a red dot, green arrow, yellow slash mark, etc. Before closing the back, advance the film until the reference arrow on the film's paper backing aligns with the back's reference mark. Then close the back and advance the film until the counter reaches #1.

George Nedleman
30-Sep-2001, 19:20
The first reply was correct as far as it went but if they're Horseman holders, there's an observation hole hole where, as you advance the film you will see an arrow. Stop there and close up the back then advance the film to an automatic stop. this will be frame #1.

Clark King
30-Sep-2001, 23:47
Well I loaded it fine I think, but I loaded it upside down at first, which means the emulsion side was toward the gg instead of the lens. But I got it eventualy. I'm new at this as if you couldn't tell.

Thank you for you help.


4-Apr-2010, 01:01
I'm having similar problems with a WISTA 6x9 - is there an instruction manual available for these. If not I'll just experiment with what folks have suggested here.