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Kaden Kratzer
4-Aug-2009, 15:43
Just mixed a new batch of Kodak D76.

Please advise about best film combo for results with D76.
Post link/images if possible.

In genreal I use XTOL with HP5 and TMAX and HC110 with

Thanks for the advice in advance.

Ron Marshall
4-Aug-2009, 15:47
Whatever works with XTOL will work almost as well with D76:

4-Aug-2009, 16:12
I always loved D-76 with Plus-X as well as Ilford Delta 100.

Glenn Thoreson
4-Aug-2009, 16:31
Plus X is a very good choice for D-76. I get 7 min at 68, 1:1, continuous agitation for 60 sec or so, then 2 or 3 gentle agitations every 30 seconds. Any Ilford film that can do well in ID-11 will do well in D-76. ID-11 is basically the original D-76 formula. Tri-X in D-76 has always been an old reliable standby. Hard to miss with that. I use D-76 1:1 for lots of things. The only film that I've had trouble with is APX 100 sheet film. I would get grain so fine I couldn't see it to focus the enlarger. I'm not very scientific and not too hard to satisfy, though. I'm still very carefully using the last of my APX 100 sheets and 120 Verichrome Pan. :D

4-Aug-2009, 20:12
Every one of these, with various films, are developed with D76 1:1, except the color of course:

John Kasaian
5-Aug-2009, 01:37
I like D-76 for all my B&W sheet stuff---FP-4+, TXP,TMY (when I can't get Tmax RS) Fomapan, Fortepan, HP-5+. It works fine!

5-Aug-2009, 04:19
I use d 76 1:2 and longer development times. Film test for me with HP5 was 14 minutes ISO 300. This pays off when using minus development for high contrast scenes. I have 2 minutes per zone/stop and the longer time allows for accurate contrast. Shorter development times with full strength undiluted developer when doing normal minus development runs the risk of cutting into the time shadows need to develop (appx 50 % of your normal time) , provide to much agitation affecting highlights, or both.

Kaden Kratzer
5-Aug-2009, 14:39
Phenomenal advice folks. Thanks again.