View Full Version : E6 Labs for 4x5 in midwest us

Tintype Bob
4-Aug-2009, 08:16
I need to find a good lab for 4x5 transparencies, I live in lexington Kentucky and the place i deal with has gotten way out of line as far as price and turn around.

4-Aug-2009, 08:22
I used to live in Lexington, a great place to live, but quite limited as far as special services goes. The only place that I recall providing this service was Stone Photo, down on campus, at least when I lived there. If they are not the people in question you might give them a holler. There are not a lot of choices in a small town like that, sadly...

- Randy

SW Rick
4-Aug-2009, 11:47
AgX Imaging in Michigan does a great job, not overpriced:


4-Aug-2009, 11:58
Precision Imaging in Chicago. Good work, very pleasant to deal with.

4-Aug-2009, 15:19
Alliedphotocolor.com in St. Louis has been my lab of choice for about four years. I'm still totally happy with them and E-6 4x5 is still being run at $2.75 per sheet. They also have a n extremely full service digital and analog service for printing as well as processing for black and white, and C-41.

Good luck.


4-Aug-2009, 16:10
I just remembered a place that one of the fellows that I often photograph with uses. He's very happy with them, and they're not all that far from you...


- Randy