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7-Nov-2001, 10:02
Howdy All, Just a quick question concerning purchasing a new lens which appears to be a bet ter deal than a used lens purchase. I'm interested in the super angulon XL 72mm lens and have found that robert whit e which is a dealer mentioned all the time at this site stocks this one for appr oximately $450 u.s.d. less than the new york outlets. Are there taxes or tarriff s involved with bringing one of these into the U.S. Any other pitfalls that i sh ould consider?? Have any of you gone this route and care to comment please... thanks much! miles

7-Nov-2001, 10:23
Numerous references to R.White in "Resources" section of archives, including this one:



paul owen
7-Nov-2001, 12:22
Miles, Not sure about the cost of shipping etc, but Robert White is second to none! USE HIM AND YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Items are superbly packed so no worries on this front either! Paul

7-Nov-2001, 12:35
THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like the ONLY problem with robert white is that he's not my next door neighbor!!!!!! gracias! miles

Michael Kadillak
7-Nov-2001, 13:21
I feel the test of a vendor is when things go wrong and what they do to fix it. I ordered an item from Robert White and it was slightly damaged. He immediately shipped a replacement for me no questions asked. I recommend him without hesitation.

Jennifer Waak
7-Nov-2001, 14:17
You will have to pay customs fees. Robert White ships UPS so you pay UPS for the customs/brokerage fees. RW will be able to give you an approximation of their fees up front, but I paid $6 on customs fees for a $400+ item (and $5 of that was a processing fee, so the real "fees" were $1). On a $1200 order I paid $70 in brokerage fees. On my last order they everything in stock and I got it within 5 days (I live in Minneapolis).

Ted Harris
7-Nov-2001, 14:32
Robert White is great. I have purchased several items from him. HOWEVER, for a lot of new purchases you will find that Badger Graphics is only a few dollars more expensive when you add in teh customs and shipping costs from teh UK. Figure around #30 to ship a lens (what I paid the last time) + customs. In this particular instance White is $140 less than Badger. Add in shipping and scustoms and they are still around 60 - 70 less but IMHO for that small difference I'd support a US merchant.



Jonathan Brewer
7-Nov-2001, 21:22
Robert White has loyal customers worldwide because of how he and his staff treat people. I've ordered plenty from him and have always gotten first class merchandise and first class treatment.

Sure they're folks here in the states that are closer to you than Robert White, but Robert White starts out by asking you for a LOT LESS of your money. That ought to tell you something.

Jonathan Brewer
7-Nov-2001, 21:31
I bought a brand new Docter Optics from Mr. Cad(also out of the U.K.) for about $300.00 less than what they sell for in the States used/mint. When I first e-mailed Mr. Cad from the States about the lens, I put my phone # in the e-mail. I got a phone call from Mr. Cad the next Day! They were courtous and polite, and returned every one of my e-mails. They also have some good prices on everything from 35/LF.

7-Nov-2001, 23:22
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen a company with such a following, almost cult-like. I think I shall join the ranks. thanks everybody, i get the point. your friend, m.

paul owen
8-Nov-2001, 01:22
Hi Miles, Not sure about a cult? But the thing I find I like best about dealing with Robert White (apart from his prices!) is the fact that all his staff treat you in the same way whether you are a seasoned pro spending lots of cash or an apprehensive amateur "trying" a "pro" store. Paul