View Full Version : Kodak T-Max 100 5x7 Film Availability

Michael Kadillak
6-Nov-2001, 16:15
I felt that I would share some good news with the forum relative to the subject of 5x7 B&W sheet film availability. I just finished a conversation with a Kodak Technical Sales Rep who, after checking the latest data on their sales computer, indicated that T-Max 100 film in 5x7 size is available as a special order in si ngle box qualities at a suggested price of $71.85 per 50 sheet box. The Kodak or der number is #822-6334. You will have to contact a Kodak registered sales deale r to have them special order this for you such as Adorama or Calumet and others. The same 5x7 sheet film in T-Max 400 requires a 30 box minimum so take advantag e of the opportunity for T-Max 100 while it exists. I will be calling in my orde r tomorrow. Happy Shooting!

6-Nov-2001, 16:33
From what I understand, ALL TMX 100 sheet film (through 8x10) comes only in 50 sheet boxes now....no more small boxes, no more 100 sheet boxes. Just 50 sheet boxes, and readyload. We just ordered about 20 boxes, and this was the case...had to redo our contract.

Michael Kadillak
7-Nov-2001, 07:08
Ordered 6 50 sheet boxes this morning from Calumet. It is expected it will be two weeks to receive the film from Kodak.

wm mitchell
7-Nov-2001, 08:12
Greetings, I posted essentially the same info last month. FWIW, I emailed B&H Photo to see if they would stock it, & they emailed me back that they knew nothing about it, but suggested I get back to them "in about 2 weeks." Officially, it's only about a week since 5x7 TMax has been available, so some of these bigger photo stores may still not have it. It's important of us to contact our suppliers & ask them to carry this film/size. BILL

Michael Kadillak
7-Nov-2001, 09:02
The Kodak rep I spoke to told me that B&H Photo is not a registered Kodak dealer and that they get their Kodak product from other dealers. I confirmed this from going to the Kodak web site and looking by state at those corporations that are officially listed. B&H was not among them as far as I could tell. As a result, I am not surprised that they did not know about its availability and that it will take longer to filter to their level. Sorry for not catching your earlier post as I would have acted on my own earlier and not posted anything redundant.

Joe Thibodeau
15-Mar-2002, 23:59
I just bought a 50 sheet box of TMX at BadgerGraphic for $58 and change ... dated 03/04