View Full Version : Efke Film Digitaltruth??

Liz Allen
31-Jul-2009, 16:57
I ordered some Efke sheet film from Digital truth July 17 and have not recieved anything yet..The delivery was supposed to be 5 to 8 business days.. Has anyone had any dealings with them?

31-Jul-2009, 17:18
Once, it took longer than expected but items arrived safely. Call them if you're worried.

Gary L. Quay
1-Aug-2009, 00:01
I've never had a problem ordering from Digitaltruth. It's more likely an issue with one of the vendors he goes through.


Liz Allen
4-Aug-2009, 18:03
They now claim it was UPS that did not deliver the film but did deliver the developer...??/ They are "re shipping" hope it works.. We get ups deliveries regularly so?? Sounds like both of you have had good results with them. Now I will just wait & see.

Glenn Thoreson
5-Aug-2009, 11:27
That's the only drawback to mail order. The vendor has no control over what the carrier does. Film and developer would not likely be shipped together. Communication is key. As long as they communicate, you're okay. As to the stated shipping times, those are arbitrary, based on the carriers best guess. It isn't even close sometimes. One more thing the vendor has no control over. I'm sure you will get your goods.

Liz Allen
5-Aug-2009, 12:07
I have been in the mail order business for many years.. I have always run a much tighter ship than that. Tracking #'s etc.. In the mail order business, customer service is the key. I am not impressed. I am sure I will get the film eventually but stories I don't like. Find out when it was shipped , the carrier & get a tracking # etc.. so you can inform the customer. I would call it sloppy. It makes the customer uneasy.


Liz Allen
7-Aug-2009, 06:12
Finally got a tracking # August 6th.. took proding.. ..should be here soon.. Might have been quicker & easier to order from Freestyle..


21-Aug-2009, 09:49
I am the owner and manager of Digitaltruth Photo, and I can assure you that we offer the highest possible level of customer service. We are an online business and ship from multiple distribution centers, so unlike other retailers who ship from a single facility using a single shipping company, it is not possible for us to supply tracking information on a routine basis. The benefit you gain from using our service is that every item ships directly from the manufacturer or importer, so our stock is always the freshest available and our prices are as low as possible. Some of the big photo suppliers have items sitting on the shelf for years, so although they may send you tracking information, your package won't arrive any sooner and there is no guarantee of freshness. If a customer requests tracking data, we will always do our best to supply it.

As the manager of the company, I oversee the processing of every single order personally, and I respond to all customers directly. We ship thousands of orders every year and the number of orders which are not fulfilled on time represents less than 1%, almost all of which are due to failed delivery by FedEx or UPS. Every company which ships items, from the largest to the smallest, will experience at least this amount of shipping problems, but we never drop the ball. If a customer informs us that a package has not arrived, we always resolve the matter immediately and reship a new package as soon as we possibly can.

I understand why a new customer may be worried about buying from an online business, but we have a large customer base and the feedback we receive is extraordinarily good. I am sorry that FedEx failed to deliver on time on this occasion, but I am sure you will find that if you order from us in future this was a one-off problem. If you want to get tracking for your order once it has shipped, just let us know by email and we will do our best to provide whatever you require.