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31-Jul-2009, 12:32
Does anyone know of a good source for large light proof black bags that could be used to store and transport large sheets of ULF film, paper and perhaps ULF film holders. Zip lock if available.

Thanks in advance.

Sandy King

Ron Marshall
31-Jul-2009, 13:31
These may be large enough:


Drew Wiley
31-Jul-2009, 13:47
I've sometimes saved up the black bags which printing paper come in. But they generally need to be rinsed out and double-checked for punctures with a flashlight
held inside. Tyvek tape works well for sealing once the flap is folded over. Then a
second black bag inverted as a backup light trap. A better seal is achieved with a
Teflon coated iron (or a drymount tacking iron) on medium heat.

Dan Schmidt
31-Jul-2009, 13:51
These may be large enough:


Sandy shoots up to 20x24

31-Jul-2009, 14:57
Freestyle also sells Black Bags with cardboard envelopes in sizes from 5x7 up to 20X24. They do sell 4X5 bags but not a 4X5 envelope.

Here is a link for a 20X24 bag and mailer: http://www.freestylephoto.biz/581204-Envelope-and-Black-Bag-Set-20x24To

Minimum order is $25.00. I have been using the 5x7 to store exposed and undeveloped 4X5 film without any issues for two years now. They have sizes from 5X7 to ULF

If you are looking for a particular size use their on site search capability for "Envelope & Black Bag Set" These are found in the Darkroom Supplies/Darkroom Accessories/Misc section

Richard Wasserman
31-Jul-2009, 15:02
Mcmaster-Carr has UV inhibiting bags up to 20x20 inches. I assume they are light proof, but that of course should be verified with them. Scroll down the page to type "G" bags: http://www.mcmaster.com/#19495t19/=2zmnju

Michael A. Smith
1-Aug-2009, 21:59
As a result of ordering thousands of square meters of paper, we plan on getting hundreds of additional black bags. What size and how many will you need, Sandy?

Michael A. Smith

2-Aug-2009, 17:15
I've was going to suggest the bags from Freestyle but ki6mf beat me to it. I have been using the bags, doubled, for the past 6 mos in 4x5 and have had no problems. I double them up and then throw them in ziplocks and mail them home.

They work great for 4x5, dont know how well they would work out on the 20x24 size. If that is what you need I would cut poster board to fit in the bags and use that to help make sure the negative doesnt bend, maybe double up the poster board, should help if shooting on the road.


2-Aug-2009, 18:48
Freestyle suggests getting the cardboard mailers to insure a light tight container. They sell them as a set by size. Currently 5X7 bags and mailers are on back order till mid August.