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30-Jul-2009, 20:21
I may have finally won on a 4x5 camera:D now I would like to know about lenses probaly three the camera is coming with a 100 lense what other two would recommend. I have thoughts but would like to hear other recommends thanx in advance;)mostly for landscape portraits

30-Jul-2009, 20:42
You only need one lens to learn with. Once you get comfortable with shooting - after maybe running 100 sheets through the camera - you may figure out what lenses you want to add, if any. The nice thing about LF is that you can crop the image and still get a really good, detailed image.

31-Jul-2009, 03:40
What format have you been using before and which focal lengh did you use most for it ?

Were you into wide angles a lot and want to continue this way or were you into protraits ?
Please give us more info, so we can advice you better !

In general: 35mm to 4x5" : FL 35mm x3 = FL 4x5"
One other thing to consider: the Image Circle, not every lens covers 4x5"

Welcome to the club !


31-Jul-2009, 13:44
I was used to a macro lense and the wide angle 12-24 and a straight 50 1.4 I also shot the toy camera which are 6x6 and medium format stuff too. i want to go back to shooting film esp B+w I hope there is some film left for me to do this thanx for the suggestions

31-Jul-2009, 13:56
For the 50mm and the macro you could use a 150mm Symar or Sironar or.......
For the range of 12-24 the focal lenth would come to either a 58XL or 75mm Super Angulon or Grandagon.

Real f:1.4 are very rare or non-existent in 4x5 inch, mostly it starts at f:4.5 or f:5.6.


4-Aug-2009, 13:05
There is too much film available. It can get confusing.

In my fumbling and stumbling efforts to learn 4x5 I have found that Ilford HP5+ in Xtol 1:3 is very nice and very forgiving. YMMV.

Ernest Purdum
5-Aug-2009, 10:55
After using your present lens for awhiile, you'll have a better idea of what else you will use best.

5-Aug-2009, 21:23
when buying film I would recommend getting a good size batch (as much as you can afford) of just one film. It's annoying doing tests (iso & dev. time) on small batches of film (you'll invest less film on testing).