View Full Version : Arca Catalogue - filter holders

David Nash
28-Sep-2001, 16:55

I'm trying to find information on the various Arca-Swiss filter holders for my 5 x4" compendium hood. The catalogue I have doesn't have the same part numbers th at appear in my distributor's pricelist, and my distributor doesn't have a catal ogue.

I've looked on B&H and they don't have any pictures, so I'm wondering if I can d ownload a catalogue from anywhere?

Christopher Campbell
28-Sep-2001, 18:58
The most complete listing on the web that I'm familiar with is that of "The F/Stops Here", which has recently moved to Illinois (tel: 815/459-642). They have most of the Arca-Swiss catalogue online, including the filter parts on "System Sheet Four." http://thefstop.com/equipment/new/arca/sds4.html

Mike Mahoney
29-Sep-2001, 13:14
David, out on the big web somewhere there is a twenty page comprehensive PDF file of the whole Arca Swiss camera and accessory product shelf. Having said that, I don't know the address, but I had downloaded it some months ago, and have since deleted it (stupid). The F-Stop has some of this info, but the original Arca article is much better. I've since tried to find the address, but with no success. I remember starting by searching "Arca Swiss". Let us know if you find anything.

Marcus Leonard
29-Sep-2001, 18:36
You'll find that Arca-Swiss PDF file at: www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/arca-swiss.html#more Good luck.