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30-Jul-2009, 08:33
Hi guys and gals.
I just received a arista standard cable release from freestyle.net.
It will not fir my schn-kreuz symmar 135mm lens for my Busch Press or my mamiya 645.
But will fit my old wollensak.
Do I need a special CR for the schneider lens?
I could swear they should be all common.

30-Jul-2009, 09:32
I have found, with a few exceptions, that older lenses require older cable releases. I had a 40's-era Wollensack that seemed to work only with a dusty old cable release that was only about six inches long. Visit a camera shop with lens in hand and try out various modern cable releases; you may get lucky.

Ernest Purdum
30-Jul-2009, 09:35
There were originally more than several different types of cable release ends, but I'm surprised your Symmar seems to have a different one. What shutter is your lens in?

30-Jul-2009, 09:54
The lens has a synchro-compur shutter.
I am starting to think the CR is defect. But it fits one lens (old wollensak) but not my mamiya 645 and this lens.

Nathan Potter
30-Jul-2009, 10:26
I have been thinking lately that we need some sort of a guide to cable release thread types and compatible lenses - or vice versa. Anyone know where such detail can be found?

Nate Potter, Washington DC

30-Jul-2009, 12:53
I just checked a Symmar in a Synchro Compur shutter with a modern cable release and it worked fine. The same CR also works fine with Copal #1.

I think some of the older shutters might need a slightly different taper to the cable release tip. Maybe at some point in its long life, a slightly incompatible CR might have been jammed in and the receiving threads got a bit munged. Who knows? The best thing is to just try a different CR and start your collection of Odd, Unusual and Outrageuos Cable Releases :)

It would be good if someone mechanically inclined enough (and probably quite a historian as well!) could inform the community of different thread pitches and tapers.

A more common problem I've come across is that some old shutters need a CR with more "extension". That is, the plunger tip has to extend more.