View Full Version : 90mm f4.5 Grandagon vs Grandagon "N" -what's the difference?

29-Jul-2009, 22:47
Time has come for me to place my much loved 90mm f4.5 Rodenstock Grandagon up for sale. I can see what seems to be an identical new lens for sale for what seems (at least to me) an astronomical price on the B&H wesbite. The only difference is that the B&H lens is an "N" lens and mine is not. The white letters on the front element of mine just state: "Rodenstock Grandagon 1: 4.5 f=90mm MC" and the serial number: 10330675. Can you enlighten me about what if any difference there is between my lens and the N version of this lens?

Leonard Evens
30-Jul-2009, 06:23
I believe the primary difference is the coating. Grandagon N lenses presumably will exhibit less flare than the older Grandagon lenses.

30-Jul-2009, 06:51
Thanks Leonard for your reply