View Full Version : Apo Grandagon f 4.5 55 mm need Centerfilter?

Christopher Campbell
28-Sep-2001, 15:40
Armin, I use both the 35 and the 55 Apo-Grandagon on an Arca-Swiss F-Metric 6x9 for architectural photography. I find I need the filter virtually always for the 35 mm lens, but only rarely on the 55. That said, because I usually shoot transparencies and occasionally run into subjects that are highly revealing of density variations, I wouldn't be comfortable working without having the Center Filter in my kit, even for 6x9. It is my most heavily used lens, and a wonderful design. See also: http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id= 005OMt

Christopher Campbell
28-Sep-2001, 15:46
Sorry, I can't understand why that URL doesn't seem to work. The reference is to a posting in the "Lenses: current/modern," under "Center weighted filter for f/4.5 65mm Grandagon".

Jim Brick
28-Sep-2001, 19:12
This is strictly a personal thing. Sometimes I use one, sometimes I don't. Many nature and landscape scenes benefit from corner fall off. I have one photograph that I print 30x40" on Ilfochrome that sells like crazy. A center filter would have ruined it. The corner falloff is what helps give it that "look" that everyone loves.

Jean-Marie Solichon
29-Sep-2001, 05:22
Hi Armin, I would'nt personnally use my Apo Grandagon 55mm on 4x5 without a center filter. Mine is a 2 stop density previuosly bought for a Nikkor 65mm. I am shooting slide film only. Just personal opinion.

Ellis Vener
29-Sep-2001, 18:07
The heliopan may be a better choice than the B+W. Rumor has it that it is virtually the same as the Rodenstock filter and much less expensive.