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29-Jul-2009, 16:33
I was just watching a video on youtube about filter basics. I guess I was a little bored. Anyhow...

When he was talking about the ND Grad filters, he mentioned that "the more you stop down, the sharper the graduation line appears in the picture". That seems backwards to me. Is he right?

The video:

29-Jul-2009, 16:54
Yes, always stop down to shooting aperture when lining up the filter. I use a black card (which lines up with the gradation line) clipped to the filter to take the guess work out of it.

29-Jul-2009, 17:13
Now that's a good suggestion! Thanks Vinny.

Stephen Lewis
30-Jul-2009, 04:39
The 'line' also becomes more apparent the longer the focal length of the lens used. :)