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29-Jul-2009, 01:29

First thanks for all the lovely members of this forum for helping me finding the right camera, lens etc in the past month! if it wasn't for this place I would have been completely lost trying to get into LF :)

second.. does any of you own a Fuji PA 145? I found one to buy, and it's much cheaper then the PA 45. My first LF camera is on the mail and I'm waiting for it, it will be an old Tachihara model. Does any of you know if it will fit? won't it be too small? I was told it doesn't work with all the cameras, but I wanted to make sure it does with this one before making the payment.

thank you!

29-Jul-2009, 06:06
it *should* fit standard backs.. either under the groundglass or slid on with the GG removed. I was worried about the exact same question as you (though I have a Shen Hao), but now I think that was a bit of an overreaction. Do you have a picture of that Tachihara back? Perhaps it looks similar to the Shen..

29-Jul-2009, 07:30
If your tachihara has a standard spring back, the pack film holder may not fit w/o overstressing the springs. Search the forum for several other threads on this subject. If you can fit two holders at once into your camera, then the pack film holder will fit.

29-Jul-2009, 07:46
yea, vinny has a point. but if you're worried about the springs, you can always use it with the GG removed. That's one of the things I wasn't so sure about whether it's possible - but indeed it is. The trouble with all of this equipment is that it's rarely ever lying around locally anywhere, so there goes the merry guessing game of what-fits-what.. especially if you're a novice. (like you and me, flo :o )

29-Jul-2009, 08:11
thank you everyone!

I still haven't got the tachihara, but here there is a picture of the back I was sent before buying it:
I hope it's ok me posting it :o

the 145 is smaller then the 45 so it shouldn't break the spring back right? I'm a bit confused..

29-Jul-2009, 08:17
the 145 back is smaller because it produces smaller prints but not much thinner, if at all.

29-Jul-2009, 08:28
ok thank you vinny.
so if it nearly as the size of the other one it should be fine right?
I searched on the forum, but unluckily I couldn't find anything related to the back and the tachihara..

29-Jul-2009, 09:50
looks like it might work, though I'm not sure from the pics... in comparison, the Shen back is visible here: http://www.shen-hao.com/TZ45PICEN.html

what stops me for a moment is that on your Tachi, there seem to be no slide locks that you could use to hold the back without the groundglass. It's the silver wedges on the Shen. Are you sure that's an international back, on your camera? Tachihara owners, please enlighten us!!

In the end, you might just have to take a risk with the back.. there are no alternatives other than the small size Polaroid holder anyways, and that one looks almost the same as the Fuji.

Gem Singer
29-Jul-2009, 10:30
The Tachi does not have an international back.

It has a spring back. No sliders, and the ground glass is not removable..

29-Jul-2009, 15:11
thank you guys!

I'm still trying to figure out if it will work or not..if any tachihara owner has some previous experience please let us know ;)

29-Jul-2010, 23:42
thank you guys!

I'm still trying to figure out if it will work or not..if any tachihara owner has some previous experience please let us know ;)

Use it on both and see my other thread on pa45 and pa145 on my tachihara. Both work. In summary, if you can find the larger film/paper (with 45 or 4x5 in its name), I would suggest pa45 is better. But I did use pa145 for 6 years now and is good for exposure.

Both did not need international back but work like a film holder.