View Full Version : Help with CSX Brand X-Ray film

28-Jul-2009, 20:10
For those of you who have shot with this before I just got a box of the 8x10 CSX Brand Green Latitude film. When I opened the box in my dark room I was surprised that the film is not in a normal film type nested box but rather it seems to just be in a black plastic bag. It was very hard to see with my safelight but it seemed like you needed a pair of scissors to cut it open. If so what is inside the bag? Is it just 100 sheets of film and nothing more? Or is the film in smaller bags with cardboard? Is the bag safe to view with room light?

thanks for your help!

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
28-Jul-2009, 21:09
Inside the single cardboard box is a single black plastic bag. I think there is a sticker which holds it closed. Inside the bag are two pieces of cardboard, with the film sandwiched between them. Basically the same thing as most film boxes, except it isn't double boxed.

Together they are perfectly light-tight, but I keep the film in a dedicated paper safe.

Philippe Grunchec
29-Jul-2009, 01:48
XRay films are pretty expensive here in France, and do not come in "photographic" sizes. I was wondering if I could order them in the US: what happens if they get... Xrayed???