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bart van Vlijmen
6-Nov-2001, 08:45
My englisch is very bad bud i try. I want to by an large format camera, special( only) for architecture photo's. In all the shops everyone where i asked all the people have an different story. Now after a few weeks a think i most make choice betwee n linhof /arca swiss or a sinar. Wich one is the best for my kind of proffsion.

- not to big / heave - 6x9 format beceause i can scan them by myself (ls 8000) - 90 mm lens - easy to use - very good quality

I hope that you or somone else can help me and give some good advice

Thank you very much for your reaction. kind regards

Bart van Vlijmen

Sandy Sorlien
6-Nov-2001, 08:56

I have the Arca Swiss 6x9 FC Metric and it is worth the money. I only photograph architecture exteriors for my current project. The camera is small and not too heavy, fits in a small backpack, and does not need a big heavy tripod. It is smooth and fast to use. It has full movements needed for architecture. You can often use smaller lenses on the 6x9 format and still get great coverage. The Arca binocular viewer is very helpful if you can afford to include it in your kit. I think you will love this camera.

Cheers, Sandy

andrea milano
6-Nov-2001, 09:39
Arca swiss or Linhof are great cameras but why do some photographers choose 6x9cm above 4"x5" it's a mistery to me, if you get a 4x5, you can always use the option of the rollfilm back (any size between 24mmx36mm up to 6x12cm.....), plus the ease of the larger 4"x5" when needed.

The price of the 6x9cm gear is rather high since there is very little of it on the market, let alone the fact that almost any specifical accessory(bellows lens boards, ground glass......) has to be bought new because of lack of second hand stuff.

Apart from being terribly "cute" the medium format technical cameras are fiddly and focusing on such a small ground glass is very nasty, however, it takes all sorts...... Good luck!

Wim van Velzen
6-Nov-2001, 11:53

I don't know if you want to buy a second hand. If so, I'd advice you to go to Foto Abro in Zaandam (mail me for the precise address). They have some 6x9 models and what is more worth, they know what they are talking about without $$$ popping out of their eyes.

Sandy Sorlien
7-Nov-2001, 05:06
To respond to Andrea's question about why we choose 6x9, cost of film and weight of film holders are two factors. If you want to use roll film, all the disadvantages Andrea cites for 6x9 (such as a small ground glass) will still apply if you put a rollfilm back on a 4x5.

If I decide to go up to 4x5 someday, Arca sells a 4x5 rear standard so it can be adapted. (Not cheap, to be sure.)

I don't find the Arca 6x9 "fiddly" - it's very precise and smooth. Focusing is easy with the magnification from the binocular viewer.

Andrea is right about lack of used equipment, but isn't that true for all Arca-Swiss equipment? Seems like everyone wants to hold onto their Arca stuff.

Cheers, Sandy

Scott Walton
7-Nov-2001, 06:46
With all that has been said, I say a used Linhof IV, V or Master you cannot go wrong. Take a look around www.ebay.com under the large format area and see some prices. As far as lens go, Fuji, Nikon and Scneinder's are all good choices.