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Craig Tuffin
27-Jul-2009, 02:44
I recently bought a 9" Petzval from Eddie here on the forum and I'm very excited to put it to use. Unfortunately I'm little ignorant as to what is the best method of making a 'hat' for it. I know there are lots of techniques, but has anyone found one better than another (a diagram or link would be terrific;) ) I've done a bit of a search on the forum and can't find anything specific.

I'd love to do some quickish exposures with my home-made hat so I'm prepared that some practice (and spare film) is needed.

Steve in Adelaide explained the basics over the phone but I'm a bit of a visual learner and no-one in my home town shoots LF anymore...particularly with historic lenses.


27-Jul-2009, 03:35
search for the "galli shutter" or something like that. (found it. here (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum44/22200-jim-galli-shutter-barrel-lenses-drum-roll-please.html).)

what i do is cut a slit into a piece of black mat board. i have several. i vary the width of the slit. start with 1/8 inch, 1/4 and 1/2 inch. then pull it in front of the lens. keep your pull the same speed and vary the slit size to change your shutter speed. it will work for very very fast speeds.

remember bellows factor....they help to slow the speeds down.

have fun.


Lachlan 717
27-Jul-2009, 06:56

Where are you located?

I use a Sinar auto shutter on a horseman for this old barrels.

Trouble is, you get kinda hooked on old lenses, so I figured that I'd get a basic setup that allows any lens in future. I guess that you are doing the same thing with a hat; however, I have a 9" Petzval approx f3.5/f4 that requires shutter speeds often upto 1/60th sec. The Sinar shutter will do this. No idea how you will do this with a hat!!

Happy to show you if you're around Melbourne... (I'm in the UK at the moment, but will be back in a week or so).


Craig Tuffin
27-Jul-2009, 07:10
Hi Lachlan,

I live on the Gold Coast up in Queensland so it's a bit of a drive :p I do want to get to one or two of Ellie's classes at Gold Street Studios one day so I'll have to keep in touch.

You wouldn't be able to do me a huge favour and do a quick digi image of the Sinar shutter sometime when you get a chance.



Craig Tuffin
27-Jul-2009, 07:15
Just found an image of one on sneezebay Lachlan. I can see that it fits your Horseman & Sinars.....but wont fit my Ebony :(

Paul Metcalf
27-Jul-2009, 07:17
If you're thinking of expanding your inventory of historic lens you might look at a packard shutter along with a universal lens clamp. Both come up for sale on occassion. Some packards allow for a 1/25 sec exposure, otherwise it's up to your ability to squeeze and release the bulb actuator, along with using neutral density filters to bring the exposure speed down to something like 1 sec or longer.

Joe Smigiel
27-Jul-2009, 14:59
Once I acquired several big barrel lenses, I bought a black beret and cut/pasted a second layer of felt inside to ensure it would be lightproof. I like it 'cause it works for every size lens I've ever tried, it hangs well on the barrels, and I can stuff it in my pocket. I have also front-mounted a couple Packards to specific lenses, but for exposures 1/2 second or more, the beret is a lot less hassle.

Lachlan 717
27-Jul-2009, 23:56
Just found an image of one on sneezebay Lachlan. I can see that it fits your Horseman & Sinars.....but wont fit my Ebony :(


I wouldn't think that it would be too difficult t make an adaptor to hold a shutter. It certainly wouldn't be pretty, though...

Or get a cheap Sinar F/Horseman that you can dedicate to barrels.

It's a long term thing I guess...

28-Jul-2009, 01:57
Hello Craig,

Get a metal coat hanger or some fence wire, make a circle about 100 mm diameter [ about the diameter of a XXXX can or slightly bigger ] also bend a handle from the same length of wire that is about 100 mm or so. The handle and the circle are all bent without cutting the wire from a single length of wire. Imagine the round frame fits inside a sock shaped black lined "hood" that is about 100 mm or so deep to the closed end of the hood. Sew the frame to the hood and you are right to go. Of course make certain that it is a light tight material.


Glenn Thoreson
28-Jul-2009, 11:25
Neutral density filters. An assortment of densities to vary exposure time. A polarizer will slow things down 2 stops. You don't need to set the polarity unless you feel you need to. :D