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26-Jul-2009, 07:44
Received my 8x20 (Thank you Neal Folberg) safely from Jerusalem. Replaced the GG. Reassembled the Dallmeyer 3 which covers nicely. Mounted my APO Boyer Saphir 600, OMG... Mounting the matching 360, don't expect it to cover. Looking for a G Claron 355 I know is outstanding, and more affordable than Dagors.( No, I'm not adverse to a nice Dagor) The question is what else would be interesting to use in the same style? (The Boyers are hellier design.) What wides are you ULF guys using? Open to the unusual image maker.... but not excited by the Petzval revival, for me, like 'em and the work I see from you folks, just doesn't seem to be "me"..... Not in a rush and being flat broke is a temporary condition. Shooting some paper with Eddie this week, to test the holders and get the juices flowing.

Steve Hamley
26-Jul-2009, 08:38
Here's a thread that might help:


Of course the terms, "wide angle" and "cheap" don't really go together in any format, but they especially don't go together in ULF.

You've identified the best bang for the buck as a 355 G-Claron. Others might be a 360mm W.A. Apo-Nikkor, a 14" or 12" very early Series III or Berlin Dagor (I actually bought a 14" Berlin from Eddie that covers nicely and is surprisingly sharp for a Dagor of its age) although they're hit and miss, not all the same coverage it seems. The early Dagors might be obtainable relatively cheaply if they aren't pretty.

The other usual suspects are Computars which won't be cheap, the shortest to cover being 270mm. They're also a reasonable value against Protars that would cover considering they're coated, use standard filters, and are direct fits into modern shutters if you get one that both cells will unscrew.

You might also research and find some Protar or Dagor clones that aren't immediately recognized as such at a reasonable price.

Cheers, Steve

26-Jul-2009, 09:15
Steve, Thanks for the thread reference a great list to build on... Guess I have to learn to spell hellier, I mean heliar. Mr. From, likes Boyer, wonder what else he has up his sleeve. If he doesn't mind me pulling on his coat tail... Thanks again, Bill

Matt Magruder
26-Jul-2009, 09:36
355mm G Claron... wonderful lens. I've heard mixed things from some people, but I've shot alot of 7x17 and 12x20 negatives with this lens and love it.
450mm Nikkor M - I hear this has extensive coverage.
450mm Fuji C - I've used this lens and it covers 12x20 with a mere inch (2cm+/-) of coverage, should give more room with 8x20.
19" Goerz Red Dot Artar - I've used this lens ALOT with 12x20 and it has ample coverage for the bigger format so should work wonderfully for 8x20.

hope that helps.

26-Jul-2009, 09:50
I shoot a 355 G Claron in a Compur 3 on my Korona 12x20.
Its a fantastic lens and would highly recommend it. Very sharp and bright on my GG.
It has good coverage on my 12x20, on an 8x20 you should have a lot more.
If you can find one in a shutter, that makes it easier to use. I would recommend one in a Copal 3 instead of a Compur 3. The Compur 3 is just plain odd.

Good luck!