View Full Version : Old Zeiss Goertz-Dagor 24 cm

Richard Årlin
27-Sep-2001, 08:34
I have an old no name 5" x 7" wooden field camera that has a few basic movements and a 24 cm f6,8 Goertz-Dagor in a Compur shutter.Improvising a mock bigger for mat camera with a sheet of cardboard and a black-cloth in a dark corner I find t hat it has an amazingly large image. Does anyone have specifics of this particul ar lens and would it be suitable for 8" x 10" ?

Thanks Richard

Doug Paramore
27-Sep-2001, 10:07
Richard: The 240 Dagor would be a slightly wide angle lens on 8x10 and should cover fine with room for some movements. They are considered fine lenses with a larger image circle than the tessar designs. Give it a try.


Dean Lastoria
27-Sep-2001, 17:15
That's 9 1/2 " right? I use an 8 1/2" and it works with limited movement -- limited to the rear standard. You should be flying. Dean

Samuel Tang
28-Sep-2001, 23:14

Just be sure that the Compur is working correctly. I think it should be a dialset rather than a later rimset; I prefer the dialset anyway. And of course the lens is in good condition with no cement separation, and the groups are secure in their cells: I have a Dagor whose front group got a bit loose in its cell and it's no fun.