View Full Version : San Francisco Labs-Who's Left ?

A.J. Dickson
24-Jul-2009, 09:31
So long standing NewLab closed a couple of months ago which leaves us with Lightwaves and Oscars. Anyone know of others, more specifically E6 and C41 processors.

Sylvester Graham
24-Jul-2009, 10:00


24-Jul-2009, 10:10
Calypso...but they're in Santa Cruz.
and Action Photo in Concord..

E&J in Dublin

and the film works up in...San Raf.

24-Jul-2009, 10:42
That's sad news. New Lab did fantastic slide dupes for me.

Drew Wiley
24-Jul-2009, 11:07
Light Waves has been doing my E6 and C41, even the 8x10's, no problem. They have
a lab in Berkeley as well as SF.

dave wagstaff
24-Jul-2009, 18:43
I have used Oscars, parking seems easier and I've been happy with the service


Kirk Fry
24-Jul-2009, 22:25
The death of traditional film just keeps rolling along. http://www.newlab.com/
The processing of C41 and E6 now costs more than the film.

Light Waves Imaging does my color film.