View Full Version : Polaroid Type 55 (and others) ... comeback?

Matus Kalisky
24-Jul-2009, 04:23

I have just got an email from a German photo-seller www.nordfoto.de
Content of this mail could be translated in a following manner (excerpt):

New production of the Polaroid films should be started in the future - new start is planned for the coming year.
.... commercial ...
Information about the the different type of Polaroid films can be found on a following webpage: http://www.polaroidfilm-kaufen.de/
currently there is remaining stock of some Polaroid films by www.nordfoto.de

// mu comment:
However - they ask 150 euro for one box of Type 55 which is oudated (01/2009)


So - what do you say. Are any more reliable information available about the restart of the Polaroid films production?

Matus Kalisky
24-Jul-2009, 04:46
Well, I just got a reply form nordfoto - they say that Type 55 will "definitely not be produced anymore"

so, sorry for false hope

Sylvester Graham
24-Jul-2009, 10:01

sanchi heuser
24-Jul-2009, 10:56
Hi Matus,

what I have heard is that in The Netherlands there is an enterprise to produce a new instant film.
But this will be an integral film!


These Integrals are a lot different to the Polaroid films like the 55, 54 or 57 , or the smaller ones like the 664
many of us used with large format.

Generally I think the Dutch with their ability to solve amazingly tremendous technical
projects are completely the right persons for that relaunch.

There is great chance they will do it. And when this project becomes an
economic profit than it's IMO maybe time to talk about new production of
an equivalent to the 55. Maybe...