View Full Version : Toning & Longevity of Van Dyke

Tim Povlick
23-Jul-2009, 20:55

I was trying my hand at some pt printing and diverted to Van Dyke instead to get some experience without the expense. I think I will 'park' on the Van Dyke instead. A coupld of questions if I may:

I am looking to make the results a little more gray and less brown, is there a toner that does this?
(although I must say the VD's do not end up as brown as I expected).

Assuming good paper / processing do the Van Dykes last about as long as pt/pl prints?

I read one should use Agar for sizing a Van Dyke will turn out much better, any comments?

For paper I have tried Arches Platine 140# and while good I like Canson Bristol Smooth better.

Thanks very much for your valuable time and opinions.