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Brad Karraker
27-Sep-2001, 00:21
Hello, I have recently acquired a 5x7 wood field camera with no name on it. It d oes have a small round stop that has 'WISER' stamped into it. Anybody have an id ea of how I might maybe cross the hardware to find the mfg'r? And, I need a new pinion gear for the lens rise, it is a 14 tooth, 3/16" face ge ar. Thanks Brad

Kevin J. Kolosky
27-Sep-2001, 02:15
are you sure that isn't Wisner?

Doug Paramore
27-Sep-2001, 10:01
Brad: Any way you can post a picture of the camera? Someone on the forum will recognize it. A detailed discription might help. Some of the hardware such as gears were used in more than one camera type.


Lyle Aldridge
28-Sep-2001, 10:29
Brad, As to your pinion gear needs -- Boston Gear has a website, www.bostgear.com, that includes a distributor locator. If you find their outlet in your area, they will probably have catalogs from BG and other companies you never heard of, who make and sell the small gears used in LF cameras. One that I've had good luck with in the past is Motion Industries, www.motion-industries.com. They seem to have stores in most larger cities.

Ellis Vener
28-Sep-2001, 13:08
"are you sure that isn't Wisner? " Perhaps it is an improved version of the Wisner.