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23-Jul-2009, 13:41
I am trying to get my first LF I found this set up on ebay how much should I go

23-Jul-2009, 17:38
please tell me if this is a reasonable set up to get I know there is alot of stuff thanx big time:) :) :) :)

Donald Miller
23-Jul-2009, 18:00
please tell me if this is a reasonable set up to get I know there is alot of stuff thanx big time:) :) :) :)

What are you planning on using a camera for? Monorail cameras are better adapted to studio photography and field cameras are better for location work (landscapes etc).

The Sinar F is the entry level Sinar camera. I owned one at one time and it was adequate for my uses at the time. I eventually opted for a field camera. Sofar as what this is worth...it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If you assigned a value of $200 to the camera that would leave 1325 at the current price to cover the five lenses. That seems reasonable to me...but then I bought this stuff when it sold for real money. I have paid more for one lens many, many times.

Good luck,
Donald Miller

Gem Singer
23-Jul-2009, 18:16
My friend purchased the identical outfit. It came packaged in a large Calumet case.

I examined it before he bought it, and everything appeared to be in excellent condition

The seller had been listing it on Craig's list for quite a while. No serious interest there.

He was happy to accept my friend's offer for $850.

My friend has sold off the pieces that he didn't want to use, and now has a very nice Sinar outfit, with three lenses. Net cost- under $500.

23-Jul-2009, 21:30
"Value" is hard to ascertain these days. I think it is a fair price for such a complete outfit with several lenses. However, it is a monorail which is difficult to use in the field. I know a number of people advocate for Sinars in the field, but unless you like being a pack mule, there are better alternatives. For the same price, you could buy a new field camera and a couple of lenses only, so the kit you referenced is a fair deal for getting started. Odds are you will eventually deconstruct the kit anyway once you find your way. I would not pay much more than the current price though and the auction is not over.

Ron Marshall
23-Jul-2009, 22:08
The focal lengths are too closely spaced. 90-150-240 is a good kit. You could always sell the others two for at least $400.

I would not pay more than $1800 for the lot.

24-Jul-2009, 06:28
thank you all for your in put I am at the limit of the auction so we will see. If someone bids more I will need help buying a new one as suggested here. I think that the field will be the way to go 8 hrs more and we will know :)

Ron Marshall
24-Jul-2009, 07:49
Check out KEH for prices. They will be a bit more than Ebay but their quality, service and return policy more than make up for that.

The for-sale section here often has good deals.

Brian Ellis
24-Jul-2009, 09:12
If you're 8 hours away you're almost certainly not seeing the highest bid. On ebay the real action doesn't start until the last 4-5 seconds, when the sniper bids come in.

IMHO it's impossible to even guess at a fair price because the seller doesn't provide enough detail about the lenses. He or she says they're Schneiders or Rodenstocks but doesn't say what model or version. A Schneider or Rodenstock lens in these focal lengths could range from about $250 to well over $1,000 or more depending on the model. If you're seriously interested, you should ask the seller for more detail about the lenses before bidding.

There's a reason the camera has been used exclusively in the studio - it's heavy and cumbersome to use anywhere else. Which is fine if you plan to use it in the studio, not so fine if you're interested primarily in outdoor photography.

24-Jul-2009, 10:18

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