View Full Version : Nova Dip & Dunk 4x5

22-Jul-2009, 18:40
Has anyone had any experience with the Nova Dip & Dunk 4x5 Film Processor with 4x5 & E6 ?
Here is the link: http://www.novadarkroom.com/product/166/Nova_Dip_&_Dunk_5_x_4_Film_Processors.html

Martin Aislabie
24-Jul-2009, 16:03
I use one - but for B&W

What do you want to know ?


Walter G
24-Jul-2009, 16:31

Martin may well disagree with me, but I have owned a Combiplan daylight tank and found the holder somewhat difficult and easy to produce scratches. This holder is the holder supplied with the Nova.

That said, I do have experience with Nova archival washers and think they make terrific stuff.

I use a 'dip & dunk' sort of process using ISE deep tanks but only for B&W. It is a joy.