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Rick Tardiff
22-Jul-2009, 17:20
another newbie question: I had the super-angulon lens on the tech III today and noticed that it didn't snap into focus and the bellows was extended and I had no more to go. I didn't have this issue with the 135. I am thinking that the images won't be sharp! What have I missed? Thanks in advance. Rick

22-Jul-2009, 17:31
The bellows were extended? They should be more compressed than when focusing the 135. Did you try dropping the bed?

Rick Tardiff
22-Jul-2009, 18:02
No, I didn't try dropping the bed, is that the problem? Feeling just a little numb here.

Rick Tardiff
22-Jul-2009, 18:25
Hi Trevor, you are correct, I have just set the camera up in the room and it has focussed fine on the light about 12 feet away and the bellows are not extended. I wonder what I did, oh well I will try again.

Greg Lockrey
22-Jul-2009, 18:30
Sounds like you had the bellows extended too far.

Rick Tardiff
23-Jul-2009, 03:35
exactly, thanks for the help.

Rick Tardiff
25-Jul-2009, 11:46
OOOOkay then. It seems my education with this linhof technika III is not complete. I am again concerned with the 90mm on this camera, It does not snap into focus. After my attempts earlier I though I would take it out again with the 8/90 attached. It would not snap into focus and I had no where to go, bellows retracted.
I have not had these problems with the 135 or the 150 lenses. I am still getting my "darkroom" set up so I am unable to develop and see how "soft" these images are, but I am pretty sure they will be even through I was shooting at F22 and F32.
I have been doing photography for years with all sorts of 35mm and mf stuff but this is my first two weeks of LF. I have been reading the Steve simmons book, I have shot about 50 sheets of film/telling a lie, I blew quite a few in and out of dark slides and whatever, anyway I have been going through the film. Its the only way for me to learn but maybe someone can give me some advice on what I am doing wrong with the 90 this time..Rick

Greg Lockrey
25-Jul-2009, 13:21
You need to set your focus rail at infinity and place the lens holder until the lens is focused and then lock it in. 90 mm should be easy on a Tech III to set. It sounds like you are trying to use the infinity set point for the 135. The 90 mm lens will be 45mm closer to the camera. If memory serves, the drop bed will have to be down and the lens would be on the rail section behind the split.

Peter K
25-Jul-2009, 13:34
The distance between the back flange of the shutter and the ground-glass is 99,4mm at infinity with the SA f/8 90mm. If there is no sharp image on the ground-glass, there is something wrong with the lens itself.

Look for demage marks if the lens was dropped. Also the serial number's last four digits engraved in the front part of the lens should be the same on the back part.


Tony Lakin
25-Jul-2009, 13:49
I have a Tech III and have used both angulon and super angulons with it, I will try and explain how to set it up, as you look at the tech III from the front you will see on the right hand side at the front of the rail a small half oval shaped tab, if you press this down it will allow you to push the rail assembly towards the back about 15mm this obviously takes the lens standard back with it, next you drop the camera bed one notch then there are two smallblack buttons one either side of the front standard (just beside the handle which you pull the standard out with) press these inwards simultaneously with your index finger and thumb this will allow you to push the standard backwards and restore it to a vertical position.
The above proceedure will serve two purposes firstly it will allow infinity focus with 90mm lenses, secondly it moves the baseboard out of the way, to return the rail back to the forward position you will find an identical half oval shaped tab to the rear of the right hand rail (to access this you will have to slide the standard forward or backwards as it will be hidden behind the standard bearer, the other reset proceedures are the reverse of what you did primarily.

Hope this helps.

If you need more info pm me.

Good luck:)

Rick Tardiff
25-Jul-2009, 16:59
Thanks Tony, that did the trick...I am getting addicted to this camera, my dslrs haven't been out of the bag since I got it. I don't suppose there is any reason to develop the previous exposed film that i wasn't able to snap into focus. Thanks again all. Rick