View Full Version : Graflex R.B Series B film back?

21-Jul-2009, 20:04
Hi guys,

I've recently bought a Graflex R.B Series B and although i had used a century graphic before, I've no idea what film back does the R.B takes. Its a 4X5 btw.

Any help is appreciated, and if you have some for sale, even better! :)


Dan Fromm
22-Jul-2009, 01:39
A 4x5 takes 4x5 film.

You'll need film holders to fit a Graflex back or (I think, could be mistaken) a Grafmatic. Go over to www.graflex.org and read the instructions, which are posted there.

Paul Ewins
22-Jul-2009, 05:44
It should be a Graflex back, as opposed to the later Graflok back. Standard 4x5 film holders have a rib (or two) at the darkslide end of the holder, wheras the Graflex holders have a slot instead The Graflex holders are also a little wider than regular 4x5 holder.

Apart from the usual double sided holders you can also get 12 or 18 shot "bag mags" and with a bit of searching you may also find grafmatics too, although most of them were made to fit the graflok back.

Here are some pages I wrote a while ago that should illustrate the differences:

23-Jul-2009, 01:42
thanks for the help guys, I'm pretty sure mine is a graflex back.
Need another favour (as camera is still flying here),


that is a film pack adapter right?

Mark Sampson
23-Jul-2009, 04:58
You're right, that is a film-pack adapter; sadly, Kodak discontinued 4x5 filmpack in about 1992. So there's not much use for the holder any more.

23-Jul-2009, 05:09
ahhh...i can only imagine how hard it is to find a "graflex" type holder. For the standard double sided holder, most did not mention if its a "graflex".

Michael Cienfuegos
27-Jul-2009, 10:36
The double sided film holders will have grooves on the sides. I have seen them on the 'bay quite often. I do have a 12 shot bag-mag. I was also lucky enough to snag a Grafmatic for the Graflex back. It will say "45" Graflex. The Graphic ones say "445" Graphic. You can also get 120 film holders, i have seen a few on ebay, but they were too expensive for my blood. I do have the roll film holders for my 3x4 and 2x3 Graflex cameras.

27-Jul-2009, 10:46
A good-working BAG-MAG is the ultimate film holder (IMO). There are lots of them out there in ebay land, but they are all getting long in the tooth and many may need the leather repaired or replaced. About $50 is the usual price range, depending on condition.
Have fun with your Graflex -- it's what Edward Weston and Paul Strand used for portraits.