View Full Version : ULF pinhole conundrum

John Kasaian
20-Jul-2009, 19:30
I'll be loosing my great old great pickup next week, I've been told. It is the perfect barrel hauler/tailgate tripod for my ULF wine barrel pinhole:(
I hope to replace it in the spring when the Forestry has another surplus equipment auction, but in the meantime I have an ongoing project photographing wineries and vineyards.
That is the problem!:eek:
From what I can gather, a half barrel (like the kind sold for planters) will fit in the trunk of the sedan I'll be driving. The problem is, how to "camera-ize" half a wine barrel? An insert into the open end? A lid, perhaps? It is 110 deg here and my brain is pretty well cooked beyond the capacity to muse over this sort of stuff so I thought I'd ask you experts. I will likely have to downsize the format as well. I'm thinking 11x14 should be a good fit for half a wine barrel.

Any suggestions?

Glenn Thoreson
20-Jul-2009, 20:36
Yes, I think 11X14 would be about right. You could do it two ways. A plywood top as the front, with pinhole, or plywood top with pinhole in the side of the barrel to give a curved film plane. You can actually put a pinhole in both locations and use only the one you want at the moment. Sounds fun! Good luck.