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Rick Tardiff
19-Jul-2009, 14:55
as a newbie I seem to be popping up all over this site. I don't know where I would be without all the good help and info I have received here. I have been loading holders and shooting film and getting to grips with this new world of LF. I got a couple of lenses with the tech III, one being the Schneider Press-135mm 3.8 lens. What can anyone tell me about it. It appears that it is the only one that the camera is set up for! The cam and the guide on the bed is for 135mm. I am not using the rangefinder, I have been using the focussing glass. What does that mean when I use a different lens without changing cams? Can I still focus with the screen. The other lenses are the symmar 5.6 150, 12/256 which is supposed to separate, but this one won't budge. And finally I have the super angulon 8/90, can I use these without cams?

Thanks, Rick

Peter K
19-Jul-2009, 15:24
Rick, you can use any of your lenses by focussing at the ground-glass. And of course the rangefinder together with your Press-Xenar.

Louie Powell
19-Jul-2009, 16:36
Cams are only required if you are using the rangefinder. If you are focusing on the ground glass, you don't need cams at all.

A 135mm lens was considered one of the standard, normal lenses with 4x5 press cameras - slightly wider than true 'normal', but not so wide that it created noticeable distortion. The only issue with so-called 'press' lenses is that they don't have much coverage, so you will be very limited in your ability to use the movements in the camera.

The Symar 210 and SA 90 are both traditional lenses for 4x5 and offer a lot of coverage. The 90 is slow, but that may be OK. I have the Caltar version and it works just fine, but it is necessary to use a dark cloth because the image on the ground glass is pretty dark.

20-Jul-2009, 12:06
No 135mm Xenar or Tessar (same design) has much room for movements on 5x4 and edge/corner sharpness only start to become good at f16, best aperture is usually f22.

At f22 they are great performers almost as good as the Symmars. If your camera bhas a fresnel screen then focussing even the 90mm f8 SA is easy on the screen even hand-held.