View Full Version : Jobo 3005 and beseler motor base

19-Jul-2009, 07:41
I have already searched and although there are a ton of threads in various places on the subject of using the jobo 3005 on a motor base, but I need to know if the wobble that is a characteristic of these bases could effect uneven development? I finally have been experimenting with xtol from hc110, because it is supposed to be better for rotary processing. I have fashioned ribbing that allows the 3005 not to walk off the motor base, and I make sure the the whole unit is level, but really with the wobbling there is no way to make "completely" level. Any ideas?

19-Jul-2009, 09:46
As long as you have sufficient volume of solution to cover the film at the peak and trough of the wobble, you should be fine.

BTW, don't confine yourself to HC110. Almost any developer should be OK. Give Xtol a try and whatever else might suit you.

19-Jul-2009, 13:31
I was saying that I finally caved and am currently using xtol in the Jobo 3005. I am using 1200ml of xtol 1:2, 400ml stock xtol to 800ml water for 3 sheets of tri-x 8x10.

19-Jul-2009, 17:57
That is enough volume. You should not have any trouble.