View Full Version : Has anyone used a Horseman Folding Binocular Viewer on an Ebony 4x5

Craig Tuffin
19-Jul-2009, 06:47
I've got a RW45E and find focusing a little difficult these days. There are mixed reports in regards to the Ebony Viewing Bellows and magnifier (most of them negative) and the image is still inverted. I was wondering if anyone has used a Horseman Folding Binocular Viewer on an Ebony. I was doing a Google search and found the following image and would like to purchase this but have a couple of pretty important questions that need to be answered first:

1. Where can you buy it from? :o
2. Do you need to modify anything on the camera to fit it or will it simply fit on the back of the groundglass under the clips?

It looks like an excellent viewer and I've used similar on my Sinar but have never seen one for my Ebony. I appreciate any advice you can offer and if you have one for sale at a reasonable price....even better :)

Dave - Landscapes
23-Jul-2009, 03:46
G'day Craig,

I was waiting to see if you had any replies from those using the Horseman viewer with a RW45E but no one has stepped up to the mark! I have an Ebony (different model) and a Horseman viewer but up till now haven't used the two together - used the viewer on a Toyo. Thought I would add my 2 cents worth all the same.

Where can you buy it? That auction place with 4 letters starting with 'e' is one source and KEH or Midwest in the US have them used from time to time. They are quite expensive - in the range of $350A upwards depending on condition.

Do you need to modify anything....? Yes. Ebony will modify the camera for you and there is a contact for Ebony in the US. Others do the same job such as SK Grimes also in the US. Both have a very good reputation. I used the latter to modify the clips on my Ebony to take a Cambo viewer and the result was excellent. Then I sold the camera to go 5x7!!!!

I think both Ebony and SK Grimes make new adapter plates to fit the viewer to the back. The silver springs you see in your photo go over a post that sits on the top of the camera back to keep the viewer/ground glass firmly against the camera body.

Hope this helps.



Doug Dolde
23-Jul-2009, 12:38
There is an article by Nick Rains on LL about this


Craig Tuffin
24-Jul-2009, 15:12
Thanks guys for your help. I've been making a few enquires with S K Grimes (cheers Dave) and Ebony. Definitely think I'm going with the Horseman Folding Viewer. I'll post images when it's eventually done.

Dave - Landscapes
25-Jul-2009, 05:03
Excellent Craig - well done! Would be interested in the final cost and of course the images as well.