View Full Version : 5X7 Processing in a Cibachrone 8x10 tank

mark e mark
18-Jul-2009, 07:01
I plan to do the above, when I get my 5X7 kit. Have other people done this? Any advice, problems?

Regards, Mark

19-Jul-2009, 00:53
I've done this. It works well if you can stand doing one sheet a time. I've also done two sheets in a 8x10" drum but there's a risk they move and overlap each other. I've been lucky so far. It's very nice doing the development in the light. Drying the drum for a second sheet if you do one at a time is also pretty fast and easy. Another upside is the small amount of developer solution you need. Search the forum for more info, there's quite a bit on this subject.

Paul O
19-Jul-2009, 01:41
Hi Mark, have you considered the paterson Orbital Processor? It can process 2 sheets of 5x7 at a time. It is best used slightly "modified" as it was intended for use with colour paper but works extremely well with sheet film. I have a write-up on my blog (click on the link below!) showing the mods I made. BTW there is currently (an unused) one on Ebay UK for just under 50

mark e mark
19-Jul-2009, 09:50
Paul I was looking for an orbital, but they have been going for silly money, so for a few quid (~ 5) I have purchased a cibachrome tank to give that ago. Again, a small amount of solution will be used rather than using a deep tank.

Nathan Potter
19-Jul-2009, 17:57
Yes. I used to do this frequently with 5X7 and 8X10 film - I assume you mean film not actually Ilfochrome print paper. One sheet at a time is fine. Emulsion side out of course and a small amount of chemistry used once. Great reproducibility. I did it for the occasional N++ and N-- contrast alteration that was required. The wash, antihalation layer removal and photoflo was done after the drum basic processing. I was using D76 or Microdol X. I used a spare Cibachrome drum on a Unicolor roller base or rolled by hand in a temperature controlled tray.

If you need to control temperature be careful with the Ciba drum. The drain end has outlet holes rather close to the edge of the drum so you will not be able to immerse it in very deep tempered water without water draining back into the drum and diluting the processing chemistry. It's a problem that still plagues me when doing Ilfochrome prints to this day.

Nate Potter, Harrington ME.