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Gary L. Quay
17-Jul-2009, 04:00
Always on to lookout for something new and unusual to try, I found something interesting at work. Someone told me that someone had just bashed up a large projection TV, and tossed it into a dumpster. I was a little confused about why he was telling me this, but the followed up by saying that these TVs had three fairly large colored lenses that were used to project the image. I managed to retrieve two of them, the red and the green. I think the blue one is somewhere unreachable.

The lenses seem to have a 6" focal length. I'm not entirely certain how to determine F/stop, but they seem fairly bright. The only drawback seems to be a small image circle. They may cover 4x5 at infinity it I'm lucky. The glass seems to be multi-coated.

My next step is to mount one to a lensboard and see what happens. Anyone else try this? Am I wasting my time?



17-Jul-2009, 05:09
For analogue photography these collored lenses could be used with B&W film, color neg/slide: NO

As people experiment quite a bit, why not.
The lenses have no aperture and shutter I take, that will be a limitation, but......


John Jarosz
17-Jul-2009, 16:26
Hi Gary,

Those lenses are not color corrected as they were used to project images that were all red, blue or green. White light images will have all kinds of color abberations.

They are most likely plastic and don't have very good resolution either.

Have fun with 'em.


Gary L. Quay
17-Jul-2009, 16:28
I have two cameras with dedicated Packard shutters, so the lack of a shutter is no problem. I decided to use an incident meter to determine the F/stop. I have some large lenses, and I'll get an approximation.


Gary L. Quay
17-Jul-2009, 19:29
Here are the lenses, which kinda tells me that this post should have been in the "Lenses" section.


The optics feel like glass, but it may be hard to tell. As far as abberations are concerned... Bring 'em on! I won't be using them for color, though.


The Dread Pirate Robins
17-Jul-2009, 20:08
These ought to be fun.

I have an Ilex process lens that I am fitting into a lens board to try on my Speed Graphic. These independent shutters really open up some options.

Jim Jones
18-Jul-2009, 14:10
Gary, I have a somewhat similar lens that roughly measures f/1.4, 4" focal length, and perhaps 1" image circle. At least two of the three (molded?) elements appear to be strongly aspheric. It doesn't appear to be worth further checking.

erie patsellis
18-Jul-2009, 20:17
I have several versions from crt front projectors, with the aspheric front element (traditionally used for corner focus) the smaller of the ones I have (Delta HD-10, I think) has a f.l. of about 4" with a 6" i.c. With the front corrector off, the FL is about 7or 8" and the i.c. gets quite a bit larger. intertestingly the front corrector by itself has a f.l. of about 12" and an image circle larger than my 16x20 camera, soft as heck, but interesting nonetheless.