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John Kasaian
16-Jul-2009, 16:25
I put my new box of Fomabron N111 in the freezer and out of curiosity took an inventory of what is lurking in there.
What else do you do in 108 deg weather, but stand in front of an open freezer door for as long as you can justify doing so? I was quite astonished! A lot of stuff I thought I had---wasn't there (like a mountain of APHS, Ilford FP-4+ and Fp-5+ and what happened to all the 5x7 stuff?) and some of the stuff that was in there I didn't even know I had---what a nice surprise!
Here's whats in the ol' Maytag:

Foma Fomabron N111 Glossy---100sheets 8x10
Arista Classic G2 Glossy-------250 sheets 8x10(this is the same as Ilford Galerie)
Kodak AZO G2-----------------25 sheets 8x10
Kodak AZO G3-----------------50 sheets 8x10

Arista.eduUltra 100 iso--------200 sheets 8x10(this is the same as Fomapan 100)
Kodak TMY--------------------25 sheets 8x10
Kodak TXT--------------------50 sheets 8x10
plus several rolls of 9" and 5" wide Kodak b&w aerial film

What have you got next to your Eskimo Pies and Popsicles?

Warren Clark
16-Jul-2009, 16:40
Hi John,

My freezer is packed almost solid with;

Ilford Fp4, Hp5 4x5 5x7 8x10
Ilford Pan F 50 (120)
Ilford HP5 35 mm

Many boxes of Fuji Velvia, Provia 4x5

Decreasing boxes of Kodak E100VS-no more readyloads!

Maybe soon Ilford 12x20-- No camera yet!

My wife works for Kodak!

Good shooting,

Warren Clark
Ft Collins, Colo.

16-Jul-2009, 16:55
Hi John,

In the freezer....

4x5 Provia
4x5 Velvia
4x5 Ilford FP4+, Hp5

5x7 Ilford FP4+, HP5+
Kodak TMax 100, 400, TXT

8x10 Ilford FP4+, HP5+
Fuji Provia, Velvia
Kodak EPN, TMY

35mm Ilford FP4+, XP2

And DQ Buster Bars!

Will have to be looking for a new freezer soon!


Bruce Barlow
17-Jul-2009, 03:52
A box of 8x10 HP5 (just took one out, will reorder soon)
Some 5x7 Tri-X and T-Max 400
Some 4x5 Tri-X

Lots of Forte 5x7 (used for 35mm prints)
A box each of 8x10 Galerie grades 2 and 3
Several boxes of Forte 8x10

In the darkroom:
My Arista RC 8x10 proofing paper
Lodima 7.5x10 (chopped to make gorgeous 5x7 contacts)
Azo grades 2 and 3 (for similarly gorgeous 8x10 contact prints)
Forte 8x10 (for 4x5 enlargements)
Forte 5x7 ready-to-go for 35mm

Open, partly-used boxes of:
HP5 8x10
Tri-X 5x7
Tri-X 4x5

Also frozen, beneath the photographic stuff: A side of White Park beef (yum!). Enough quart yogurt containers of chicken, beef, and turkey stock to float the carrier Enterprise.

Robert A. Zeichner
17-Jul-2009, 04:17
I don't have the time or patience to do a complete inventory of my two photo freezers, but I can tell you there are several hundred sheets of Polymax Fineart in 11x14 and 16x20 sizes and ample supply of TMY in 5x7. What might be interesting to those who remember the good old days, is that I also have most of a brick of Kodachome 64-120. The last processing run for this size was over ten years ago! I also remember seeing most of a brick of Panatomic-X in 135. I also have a box of Neofin Blau that I recall did magical stuff with Pan-X exposed in the Leica I no longer own, but I don't think I'll ever mess with it again.

Terence McDonagh
17-Jul-2009, 07:42
I like variety.

Tech Pan
Various Aerographic
Agfa-Gaevert Aero (a extended red-senstive film)

Tech Pan
Ilford Ortho
Efke IR
Various Velvia
Portra 160

Tech Pan
Efke IR
Arista EDU Ultra

Whole Plate:

Tech Pan
Efke IR
Arista EDU Ultra

Efke 50 and 100

17-Jul-2009, 08:50

I just took a look in the bottom drawer of the fridge and found....

two 100 sheet boxes of HP5+ in 4x5
25 rolls of 35mm about evenly distributed between Kodak, Fuji and Ilford.

the paper is in the closet - no room in the fridge and there's half a box of 320TXP in the cupboard....

17-Jul-2009, 08:54
I've got three freezers occupied around the country just in case california slides off into the ocean. It'd be too dangerous to open the little film freezer in the kitchen as it's stuffed.
Tons of Velvia in every format.
Lots of HSI in 4x5
Konica 750 ir in 120
Efke 25 up to 8x10, lots in 120
APX 100 in 4x5
APX 25 in 120
APX 25 bulk spools
Scala in 120
Tech Pan in 4x5
plenty of other goodies

17-Jul-2009, 09:53
I've got three freezers occupied around the country just in case california slides off into the ocean.

Mee too: B&H, Midwest Photo, and Freestyle.

More accessable in the fridge are:

some sort of Kodak E-6
some sort of Kodak C-41

Portra 160 (both flavors)
Portra 400 (both flavors)
Velvia 50 (the old stuff)
Some sort of Fuji C-41
Some sort of Fuji E-6
Bergger 200

none at the moment

In the file drawer: about 50 sheets of Royal-X Pan that came with an old camera bought on ebay.

17-Jul-2009, 10:22
No freezer yet, but in the wine cooler:

10 Rolls of Fuji 120 Acros
5 Rolls of Fuju 400 Neopan
7 Boxes of 4x5 Acros
1 Box of 4x5 TMax
1 Box of 4x5 Fuji 160S
1 Roll of Iford 120 SFX
1 Roll of Ilford 35mm SFX
10 Rolls of Fuji 120 Provia
2 Boxes of Fuji 4x5 Provia
3 Rolls of Fuji 35mm Velvia 50

In the bottom of the water cooler (coincidentially just placed there this morning!)

3 Boxes of 5x7 Oriental VC Fiber.

In the Refrigerator:

10 Rolls of Fuji 160C
5 Rolls of 35mm Fuji 400 Neopan
1 Box of 4x5 Velvia Sheet
1 Box of Velvia 4x5 Readyloads
1 Box of 8x10 Fuji Crystal Archive

In the closet:

1 Box of 16x20 Fuji Crystal Archive
1 Box of 16x20 Oriental VC Fibre
2 Boxes of 11x14 Oriental VC Fibre
2 Boxes of 8x10 Oriental VC Fibre
1 Box of Ilford 8.5x11 RC
1 Box of Ilford 5x7 VC Fibre

In the holders:

3 filled with Koday TMax
3 filled with Fuji 160S

In the Camera:

1/2 Roll of Fuji 160C in the P67II

Robert Hughes
18-Jul-2009, 09:58
Several thousand feet of random 16mm and 35mm movie film stock... mostly Ilford FP4, Agfa ST8 Ortho, etc...

Some 4x5 Shanghai 100 and other Chinese sheet film of unknown provenance,
.. and a roll of exposed FP4. Hmm, what's on that? Maybe I'll process it right now and find out.

Arne Croell
18-Jul-2009, 13:30
One full chest freezer:
Kodak Polymax FA in 11x14 and 16x20
Agfa MCC in 11x14 and 20x24
Forte Polywarmtone 11x14 and 16x20
Some blue boxes of Oriental G2 and G3
Some boxes of Guilleminot paper, grades 2-3
Agfa APX 100 in 4x5, and to develop it: Agfa Atomal, end of production was 1995 (that one is not in the freezer)
APX 25 in 120, a few last rolls
Orwopan 25 in 4x5
TMX Readyload

18-Jul-2009, 13:45
Glad to see that I am not the only one with boxes of Tech pan, also about 15 rolls of 35mm of the stuff. Otherwise some Tmax in two flavours, Tri-X and Velvia in 4X5 FP4 in WP a little of everything in 120 and 35mm.

Paper is in the basement for the summer. Need to look to see if anything is in the freezer for supper perhaps.

18-Jul-2009, 14:50
wow not even sure I should add my paltry list but here goes:

120 size
Pan F: 60 rolls
Foma 200: 25
Foma 100: 25
Efke 50: 20
Kodak 160: 50
Fuji 160: 50

Kodak TmAX: 1 box 50
Foma 100: 2 boxes 50
Efke 25: 2 boxes 50
Efke Ort 25: 1 box 25
Porta: 6 boxes 10
Velvia 50: 4 boxes 10

i'm not counting what's outside the fridge as the wife is out shooting in the US...dont want to know.


The Dread Pirate Robins
18-Jul-2009, 20:33
I am still relatively new to LF, so I just have about 10 sheets left of a box of 4x5 FP4+. I am sure that some day I will look back on this time in my life and wonder how I ever managed to live with so little available.

John Kasaian
18-Jul-2009, 23:15
I am still relatively new to LF, so I just have about 10 sheets left of a box of 4x5 FP4+. I am sure that some day I will look back on this time in my life and wonder how I ever managed to live with so little available.

Aye Dread Pirate Robbins, ye didn't then sail in ye troubled waters a few years back when Ilford went through bankruptcy reorganization and Kodak closed the sheet film line down and moved the shebang to a new, "dust free" building, dryin' up the supply of both Ilford and the yellow stuff.
It was the sort of revolting development that can cause an ordinary fellow to become an accumulator of emulsions!

I shot the last of my Forte stash, purchased during that sad period in history, quite a few months ago though and I still have some Efke floating around somewhere---I just know it!

I still get flashbacks:rolleyes:

John Kasaian
19-Jul-2009, 08:23
Well. I'd thought I'd shot up the last of the Forte! This morning, in a file cabinet I found:

Ilford HP-5+ 5x7---25 sheets
Forte Fortepan 200 8x10---25 sheets
Arista APH 8x10---100 sheets
Efke PL25 8x10---50 sheets
Arista 400 8x10---25 sheets(same as Ilford HP-5+)

Arista Classic Fiber Grade 4 Glossy 8x10---25 sheets (same as Ilford Galerie)
Emaks Fiber Glossy G2 8x10---25 sheets
Slavich Unibrom 160 20x24---10 sheets(actually this was behind the file cabinet)

I've turned into quite a pack rat!

John Bowen
21-Jul-2009, 05:43
Enough quart yogurt containers of chicken, beef, and turkey stock to float the carrier Enterprise.

Everybody please join me at Bruce's for soup this evening, and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.....:eek:

Freezer #1
7x17 TMY
8x10 TMY

Freezer #2
5x7 TMY
4x5 Tri-X
4x5 FP4 (expired in the 80's)
100 sheet box of Tri-X (expired in 88)
35mm Tri-X
various 35mm transparency films

Original Zone VI Brilliant Grades 2&3
Various VC Papers including:
Kodak Polymax, Agfa MC111, Oriental, Zone VI (all 8x10)
Various 11x14 & 16x20 VC and Graded papers (not very much)

Azo, Azo, Azo and more Azo (mostly Canadian grade 2, but some Rochester Grade 2, Canadian grade 3, and about 350 sheets of grade 4)
Lodima (8x10 and 7.5 x 10)
Convera (old agfa contact printing paper)

even more Canadian grade 2 Azo in 8x10 & 20x24, a couple boxes of grade 3 in 8x10 and 20x24, a couple boxes of the old Rochester grade 2 in 8x10, a box of Canadian grade 3 in 8x10, a box of 8 1/2x 11 grade 2 Azo and a box of 8 1/2 x 11 Grade 2 Azo in the "E" surface.
J&C Nuance 8x10 (2 boxes)
J&C Nuance 16x20 (2 or 3 boxes)

with the exception of Lodima, I don't expect to be purchasing much in the way of film or paper for quite a while.

In case you haven't already guessed, I took advantage of J&C's moving sale to stock up on the 7x17 & 5x7 TMY...I saved enough on the film to purchase Freezer #1 and pay the electric bill for the next 10 years.

Hey Bruce, if you see anything that interests you, just let me know and I'll trade you for a copy of the print that "got away" during the yankee swap....you know, the one V said was the first print you ever made of something that was actually living :p

Ted Stoddard
21-Jul-2009, 10:31
This is what is lurking in my fridge....

120 film:
4 rolls of Agfapan APX 25asa
2 rolls of Agfapan 400asa
4 rolls of Fuji Provia 100F
1 roll of Macophot IR
2 rolls of either 127 or 627 size film

2 boxes of Efke PL 25M 50 sht ea.
1 (partial) box of Tri-X Pan
1 (partial) box of Kodak TMAX 100
1 (partial?) box of Macophot IR 820c Aura
2 boxes of Kodak Infrared HSI
1 box of Ilford FP4+ 125asa 100 shts
1 (partial) box of Polaroid 55
1 box of Agfapan 400asa
5 boxes of Agfapan APX 100asa
1 box of Agfa Isopan
3 boxes of Ansco Isopan
1 box of Anso Versapan
1 box of Kodak Plus-X

2 boxes of HP5+ 400asa
2 boxes of FP4+ 125asa (1 partial)

3 boxes of Super XX Pan 10 shts in ea. box

Various papers which include Adox, Ilford many sizes as well as a big box of Kodak 8x10 500 sheets of Bromide F5s Glossy + or - a few don't use very much probably will sell it...

I still need to order 5x7, more 8x10 and more 12x20 with different asa

Ted Stoddard
21-Jul-2009, 18:54
Oh a few boxes of Polaroid 809 film saving for my Marine nephew when he comes out before he gets deployed this fall... gonna do a portrait for his parents... its going to be used for test shots...