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J. P. Mose
2-Nov-2001, 06:51

Does anyone know if Linhof still manufactures a recessed lensboard that a 135mm Planar f/3.5 with Compur #1 shutter will fit? The only models #'s I see availab le are 001015, 001016 and 001094 which are for #0 shutters. If not made than I would appreciate the old model number and/or the correct hole size so I could se arch for it on Ebay. Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

J. P. Mose

Walter Glover
2-Nov-2001, 10:55
Hi J. P.,

Bob Salomon is your best bet to veryify this, but I feel sure that the only Linhof sunk panels that will accept a #1 shutter are the Kardan panels. The diameter of the hole on the Technika type front standard is too small to accommodate a #1 in a sunk panel. As it is the control levers are a pretty tight fit.

Cheers ... WG

Steve Artz
2-Nov-2001, 12:42
The lensboard for the Planar has been out of production for many years. As you probably know it was recessed to allow the camera to close with that lens.

Linhof made three variations on the #1 recessed board for the original 135 Planar - tan finish, black finish and black with the quick-socket cable release attachment. All three are the same otherwise. It will only work with the older 58mm filter size Planars with older #1 Compur shutters (i.e. 1/400th max.). The T* Planar with 67mm filter size and later compur #1 is too large. Copal #1 shutters will not fit either.

The same lensboard was used for the 135mm Xenotar. They appear on ebay from time to time but will never have a model number. You'll just have to recognize it. Good Luck :)

Steve Artz
2-Nov-2001, 12:48
P.S. The hole size is 42mm.

For Walter... The board is only recessed about 1/4" so all controls are still easy to access.

Walter Glover
2-Nov-2001, 14:01
Steve & J.P.,

Sorry, my error. Mistook it for a Copal #1.

Cheers ... WG

4-Nov-2001, 06:52
I have a 135mm Xenotar on a tan board. If I remember correctly the front itself is not recessed but the back of the board is built-up with a "well" that encircles the rear of the lens. Is theis the type of board that you are looking for?

4-Nov-2001, 07:08
My mistake - I dredged-up that board that I have and it is the one that you are looking for. The board is tan with a flat black insert that will recess the lens about 1/4" when mounted. It's in mint condition. Since I have the 135mm Xenotar and a cam I don't think that I'd be too inclined to separate them. Email me if you are interested.

Ole Tjugen
31-Mar-2002, 04:03
Answering old questions may be an exercise in futility, but -

Hi, do you still need a recessed lens boart for your Planar? I have the same lens, on a recessed board. Since I use a Linhof, Color, I don't need the recess. Want to swap lensboards?

Ole Tjugen Norway