View Full Version : ND filter material

15-Jul-2009, 19:51
Hi everyone,

Are there a gel or filter sheets available that can act as a Neutral Density filter in 4.5 x4.5" or larger sizes? If so does anyone know where I can source it, preferably in Toronto Canada? Rubylith for black & white maybe, but for chrome what can be used? I checked the search, but could not find a good key word.

Help is much appreciated. Thank you.


15-Jul-2009, 20:01
Have you tried Lee Filters http://www.leefilters.com/

Don't know if they make them that big for taking images (in front of lens) but they certainly do for lighting. But lighting filters aren't optically good, they have grain but are cheap for a big sheet. I use the ND lighting filters in my enlarger to control output level.