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15-Jul-2009, 06:11
I have an original Linhof Reflex Finder (two part) but too big and can not hold fresnel lens. I found there is a Tokistar (JP brand) made one used for Linhof or other 4X5 field camera that is better in design. Anybody from the forum can help me to find a place to buy? Cause I'm in China, I have to buy it through internet seller.

Bob McCarthy
15-Jul-2009, 06:22
Having used a Technika for years with the 2 piece reflex finder, I'm unsure of your reasons for passing on the linhof made unit.

The fresnel belongs with the groundglass, or molded as part of the gg in the case of the Linhof superscreen.

The mirrors are surface coated and not back coated which is the correct way, but obviously more fragile.

I know nothing of the Tokistar, but the Linhof unit is properly designed and constructed.

Maybe all you need is a proper fresnel.


15-Jul-2009, 07:23
Bob, thanks to your quick reply. The reason I found Tokistar is better is that it's much thinner than the Linhof one but still have all the functions. A very good design. The ability to use Fresnel is just additional not my benefit.

Bob Salomon
15-Jul-2009, 08:00
Actually, to use the Right Angle Finder a fresnel screen is required. It is also required to use the Focus/Metering Bellows.
For that reason every Linhof made in the past 30 or 40 years is supplied with a pair of Fresnel holding clips that are attached to the middle screw of the hold down for the ground glass. Older versions of the camera accepted accessory hold down clips which also mounted where the middle screw is on the clip. Even earlier cameras from Linhof had a the Fresnel mounted underneath the camera's gg.

So there is no possible reason for a manufacturer of a reflex hood for a Linhof to mount a Fresnel screen in it.

The Linhof Reflex Viewer attaches to 2 holes on the inside end of the ground glass frame and locks in place to a small tapered stud on the opposite end of the frame. The Reflex Viewer (or the Focus/Meter bellows) can then easily detach and swing away - while staying attached to the gg frame, for convenient access to the gg for a loupe. The eye piece of the Reflex Viewer can detach and be placed in 4 different positions depending on where you want to view the screen from. And the eyepiece in the Reflex Viewer is a 2x magnifier. For the vast majority of users the gg focusing screen will be in proper focus when looking through the eyepiece if the user has normal vision or correction to normal vision with their glasses. The distance of the top of the viewer from the gg is determined by the strength of the magnifier and the area the magnifier covers. In Linhof's case the eyepiece magnifier covers the entire gg - corner to corner, edge to edge.

Make the reflex system thinner and you either have less magnification or less coverage. What did this Japanese company do? Or do they make a folding reflex viewer like Wista does?

15-Jul-2009, 08:36
The Japanese one is similiar a Cambo Reflex Viewer but has only one part. It's thinner than the Cambo and the Linhof original. Very practical for usage.

Bob Salomon
15-Jul-2009, 09:01
The Japanese one is similiar a Cambo Reflex Viewer but has only one part. It's thinner than the Cambo and the Linhof original. Very practical for usage.

If it is only one part then you have a problem, unless the mirror rotates. If you set the camera up with the back horizontally do you look at the gg from the top or the bottom? If you set up vertically do you put the eyepiece on the right or the left? If you want to view the entire screen can you flip a lever and remove the mirror paart without removing the base? On the Linhof all of the above are easily done. And the base functions as a light hood in bright light so you can still see the gg.

Lastly I don't think that there is a factory in Japan named Tokistar. This looks like a trading company who is primarily selling Chinese goods. There is nothing wrong with quality made Chinese goods and there is nothing wrong with trading companies. But there can be a big problem with goods purchased from a trading company in one country when something goes wrong and the trading company is no longer there. Then how do you know who made it and who services it?

No matter how well made something is or how reliable a factory's products are things can happen. Maybe it gets accidently dropped, for instance.

15-Jul-2009, 13:14
Tokistar is a trading firm, they sell Shen Hao camera's under their own name too, what leads to some conusion, allso on this forum.


15-Jul-2009, 19:18
Thanks to all your replies. I talked with Shenhao's owner and confirmed that Tokistar is just Shenhao's distributor in JP. But Shenhao did not make that Reflex Viewer of this type. But he will go to see the exact item and confirm if he can provide.

One thing I need to correct myself. it's actually not one part but two parts. But one part is just a very thin one, not as the Cambo or normal Shenhao's rectangular connection from the reflex part with the camera body. So it saves a lot of space. The reflex can still rotate to make it horizontal and vertial orientation and easy to view.