View Full Version : Deardorf Cameras

Guy Zattau
3-Dec-1997, 22:38
Is there any place on the I-net that has information on Deardorfs??? With pictures??? Specs? Interested in their construction.

QT Luong
4-Dec-1997, 03:44
look no further than the LF page, under "classic 4x5/5x7" :-)

Peter Hughes
6-Dec-1997, 02:40
Check out our page, Raven Visionary Arts (http://www.ravenvision.com) All of my large format nudes were done with an 8x10 Deardorff and either a 10" WF Ektar 0r a 14" Commercial Ektar. I consider the Deardorff a classic.

Ken Hough
20-Dec-1997, 17:00
Dear Guy,

For the past 17 years I have been in the business of restoring Deardorff cameras . I was trained by family members in Chicago. Currently I have rebuilt / restore d over 700 Deardorffs of all models. I have posted in rec.photo.equipment.large-format. Search for "any" & "old" to s ee my postings and search with my E-mail address K-4SB@MSN.COM. I also write the Deardorff section in McKeowns Price guide. I also have had stories printed in S hutterbug and the Chicago Photographic Historical Society and Photographic Canad as Magazine. Ken Hough Photographic Repair.