View Full Version : Reduction back for Phillips Compact II??

14-Jul-2009, 00:48
Hi all,

I am looking for a reduction back for my Phillips Compact II, i.e. 8x10 -> 4x5 / 4x10
Anyone knows is it available? I couldn't reach Dick thru email.


Oren Grad
14-Jul-2009, 07:22
It's easier to reach Dick by phone rather than email.

I don't think Dick ever made reduction backs as a regular item or kept them in stock. There are a few floating around, but most likely you'd have to commission a new one from someone else.

Drew Wiley
14-Jul-2009, 12:21
I talked to Dick a number of years ago about this kind of thing. He didn't make red.
backs then, and is out the game altogether now. Shouldn't be too hard to adapt
something from another mfg, but would probably be cheaper to simply buy a separate
4x5 camera. For 4x10 you could simply split the exposure of your sheets, or even
waste half a sheet by cropping. Might be more cost-effective than a whole new setup.

14-Jul-2009, 17:19
Dick made reducing backs as special requests. I bought my Compact II from an original owner and Dick had made him a 5x7 back out of a Canham 5x7 back mounted onto a bigger panel of wood to fit the Compact. I don't know if he would be willing to make anymore now however. I believe Richard Ritter would be a very good solution to your problem though.

Best of luck.

14-Jul-2009, 18:04
Thanks all!